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Catch a Yokai Watch Ghost at the Supermarket images

Catch a Yokai Watch Ghost at the Supermarket

Watch out for Jibanyan in Japan. Enter any Japanese supermarket and you will realize that Japanese food packaging has turned into a cute crazy art form populated by the most famous anime, manga, game, and Disney characters.The all-time favorites with Japanese kids like Anpanman, Doraemon, Micke…(213 words)

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Food Anime Yokai Watch supermarket Japanese food
Tsukishima: Monja Street images

Tsukishima: Monja Street

月島 (つきしま) – Tsukishima, translating to “Moon Island,” is a man made island in the Tokyo area on Tokyo Bay. It is a famous area known for having many お好み焼き (おこのみやき) – Okonomiyaki and mainly もんじゃ焼き (もんじゃやき) – Monjayaki shops.Monjayaki (often shortened to monja) is the…(277 words)

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Monja tsukishima Okonomiyaki
An English Guide to Sanuki Udon images

An English Guide to Sanuki Udon

Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku might be Japan's smallest prefecture, but it's the home to one of Japan's best kept culinary secrets: Sanuki Udon. You may have heard of udon before, but Sanuki Udon isn't just regular udon. It's the best udon in the world, and some might argue it's even t…(498 words)

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Sanuki Jeremy

Sanuki Udon The Sanuki Udon Song Kagwa Prefecture Guide Japan Shop Ramen noodles Eat Soba noodles
Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing lunch time at “Furusato”! images

Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing lunch time at “Furusato”!

Chiba Prefecture offers tourists all sorts of sightseeing experiences, and if you're looking for a spot to avoid the crowds and enjoy the charms of the countryside, I recommend a visit to the “Furusato” restaurant in Kimitsu. I recently took a trip there to enjoy a delicious meal in a lovely rural …(509 words)



Lunch Restaurant Building Japan Visit Food Trip Souvenir Eat
Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento images

Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento

I would recommend Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento from Gunma prefecture. They can be purchased at Nagano Shinkansen stations. They are assortments of traditional Japanese foods in a small ceramic pot (Kamameshi) or Daruma shaped plastic bento box (Daruma Bento). These containers can be reus…(70 words)

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Train Train station Shinkansen Bullet Train Bank Bento (box meal) Nagano Kamameshi Gunma
My favorite Japanese scent images

My favorite Japanese scent

When I first arrived in Japan many years ago, there happened to be a certain shrub in bloom. I didn't know what it was, but it smelled so outrageously great! I later found out that it is called "Kinmokusei" (金木犀). The latin name for this shrub is "Osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus", but we do…(114 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Udon is a Must-Try for a Real Japanese Noodle Experience images

Udon is a Must-Try for a Real Japanese Noodle Experience

Everyone knows the most popular noodle dishes for Japanese are ramen, soba and udon. Why then, we wonder, does udon seems to be mentioned less often and receive less attention from international visitors? Here, I would like to let you know where and how to experience UDON, our fascinating, tradit…(437 words)

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Udon noodles Restaurant Ramen noodles Soba noodles Tempura Fast food
Sushi, the fast food of Japan images

Sushi, the fast food of Japan

Sushi, is the traditional fast food in Japan. It is finger food in fact. Yes, you read me well: you do not need any chopsticks to eat sushi. Your fingers are all enough. So, to me, a 4 Michelin star sushi place, is quite similar to giving Michelin stars to a Mac Donald (yes, I am exaggerating, …(335 words)

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Sushi Tokyo Drink Beer Ginza Lunch
Nombe Yokocho - Drunkard's Alley images

Nombe Yokocho - Drunkard's Alley

That is exactly what the sign says, "Nombe Yokocho" - Drunkard's Alley. It is located about a minute from Shibuya Station - almost directly across the street from a police box. It is a small section next to the JR tracks that is filled with bars. Sorry, this photo is taken during the day, when n…(188 words)

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Train Shibuya Harajuku Only in Japan bars
Japanese Breads: Yakisobapan and Karepan are Superheroes images

Japanese Breads: Yakisobapan and Karepan are Superheroes

Japanese people obviously love bread. It seems that next to every train station there is a bakery and every convenience store has a bread corner. Many of these breads look like something you might find in Europe, but the Japanese breads are often a little different, they have evolved into their own…(335 words)

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Bread Curry Yaki soba noodles Anpan (Japanese sweet roll) Anpanman Anime
Fresh Coffee at Japanese Convenience Stores images

Fresh Coffee at Japanese Convenience Stores

Japan has many coffee shops, chains like Starbucks or Doutor and old Japanese style cafes called kissaten. Coffee is also available from vending machines everywhere, both hot and cold canned coffee. The many convenience stores offer a variety of coffee products, now also including freshly brewed co…(256 words)

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Convenience store Coffee Cafe Vending Machines Coffee shop Drink
Amazing taste of Soymilk in Asakusa images

Amazing taste of Soymilk in Asakusa

Some of you may know the delicious taste of Tofu. But best of best is super delicious taste of soymilk. There are becoming decreasing of the number of such great Tofu shop. But you can easily taste it in Asakusa. Ichikawa Tofu, 3rd generation succeeding Tofu shop. Ichikawa Tofu5:00am-1:00p…(139 words)

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Asakusa Tofu (Soy bean curd) May Shop
SinKaya: Shibuya's Heavenly Secret images

SinKaya: Shibuya's Heavenly Secret

Shibuya's Dogenzaka has a reputation for its seedier side, albeit safe for those adventurous enough to wander its streets. One of its oldest areas, called Hyakkendana ("100 Shops"), is usually shunned by tourists and only ever used as a short-cut for locals.And it's exactly that reason why SinK…(336 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Shibuya Restaurant Izakaya Tokyo Drink Food Beef Shochu Beer Cuisine
5 Tips On How to Eat Sushi in Japan images

5 Tips On How to Eat Sushi in Japan

As we sat at the Sushi Bar in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station we were so excited about what would emerge over the glass separation from the Sushi Shokunin (Chef). We watched as he deftly clumped slightly sweetened and vinegar-kissed white rice into little Nigiri Gunkans (literally translated at “Pressed …(1182 words)


Sushi Chopstick Etiquette Green tea Horse radish Restaurant Sashimi (Raw fish) Soy sauce Tea Tokyo
Tea Time with a Little Monkey Magic! images

Tea Time with a Little Monkey Magic!

Many Yokohama residents are familiar with Monkey Magic Teahouse, the well-known tea restaurant with its attractive wooden interior and marvelous tea selection in the heart of Chinatown. But most don't know about its sister store, the comfortable, affordable Goku Tea Bar on an unassuming side street…(304 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Tea Yokohama Chinatown Monkey Restaurant Drink Traditional Yen Bar Relax
Two Thumbs Up for Thumbs Up Live House in Yokohama images

Two Thumbs Up for Thumbs Up Live House in Yokohama

Thumbs Up live house in the Sotetsu Movil Building near Yokohama Station (the same building that houses a 109 Cinema) is quite possibly the best live house in Yokohama. Thumbs Up provides energetic musical entertainment as well as some really good American-style food. The genres of music played the…(360 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Beer Food Building Music style Wine Work Yen Entertainment
Once Only Space and Survival Foods Now Convenience Store Snacks images

Once Only Space and Survival Foods Now Convenience Store Snacks

According to a well-written article on the subject, "freeze-drying technology was originally developed for the production of medicine and is probably best-known among consumers for its use in instant coffee. But the concept of selling individual, freeze-dried blocks of food, from which a full meal …(316 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Convenience store Snacks Survival Japan Food Coffee Shop Miso Miso soup Freeze-dry
Japanese sake (nihonshu) images

Japanese sake (nihonshu)

A beginner’s guide“A trip to Japan would not be complete without a little sake tasting! But unless you are an avid sake drinker, it can be hard to know where to begin. To help you navigate the world of sake, we’ve done plenty of research in Japan: from consulting with sake connoisseurs, to sake…(424 words)

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Sake (Rice wine) Japanese food Brewery Japan Travel Matome
Sake should drink hot or cold? images

Sake should drink hot or cold?

When you try sake, many people have image to have”Hot sake”(atsukan) butmost good sake should be enjoyed slightly chilled. Cheaper sake is served warm.Also If it’s cold winter, you would like to have hot sake to get warm.There are grade of sake. It’s call Daiginjo is the highest quality (ve…(108 words)

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Drink Kyoto Sake (Rice wine) Wine Hiroshima Niigata Winter
Beware of a hangover images

Beware of a hangover

Happoshu, for all intents and purposes, is cheaper beer; or more specifically, "beer flavored malt beverage". Taxes on beer are somewhat high in Japan, and many are not willing to pay around 3$ U.S for a pint of beer even in a can. The solution is Happoshu, imitation beers that have as many varieti…(146 words)

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Drink Beer Dietary supplement
Fast and Convenient Food in Japan images

Fast and Convenient Food in Japan

The "stand and eat" style tachigui soba restaurants are designed for the thousands of Japanese businessmen who do not even have time to sit and eat their meals. Everything is fast at a tachigui soba place. In my opinion, the speed of a meal at a tachigui soba restaurant dwarfs the "fastness" of a f…(344 words)

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Soba noodles Food Japan Restaurant Ticket Ramen noodles Udon noodles Ticket machine
The One and Only Bikkle! images

The One and Only Bikkle!

Have had your Bikkle Today?One of the unique soft drinks that you should try while you're in Japan is Bikkle. Just the name alone is a great reason to try it, but you'll also be wowed by the taste, too.It is a yogurt-based drink that tastes a lot like the orange cream popsicles you maybe en…(102 words)

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Convenience store Drink
Tonkotsu Ramen at Kokutei Ramen images

Tonkotsu Ramen at Kokutei Ramen

For authentic Tonkotsu ramen, go to Kumamoto. Not only is Kumamoto a beautiful city with street trolleys and wonderful sightseeing, but they are famous for Kumamoto style, Tonkotsu ramen. Tonkostu ramen is a pork bone based ramen noodle soup. The noodles are thick, firm and a include garlic flav…(255 words)

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Ramen noodles Tonkotsu City Restaurant Miso Kumamoto Soy sauce
For the Rice Lovers: Furikake! images

For the Rice Lovers: Furikake!

I love Japanese white rice. Rice is an essential part of Japanese culture and is consumed by Japanese households on a daily bases. Although there are much variety to Japanese cuisine, personally, I believe that rice is always the main dish and everything else are just side dishes. Of course, having…(253 words)

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Cuisine Souvenir Miso Japanese cuisine Mayonnaise Japanese plum Seasoning seaweed
Adorable Animal Donuts Shop! images

Adorable Animal Donuts Shop!

Looking for some adorable sweets from the land of Kawaii?If you're in the Tokyo/Kanagawa area, there is an Animal donuts shopthat sells delicious adorable animal themed donuts. in Motosumiyoshi,…(131 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Shop Donuts Tokyo Shopping Visit Kanagawa Sweets Arcade Walk Kawaii
Benny’s Place, Real American style bar images

Benny’s Place, Real American style bar

If you miss your home back in the States, why don’t you visit Benny’s Place to have real spareribs and Buffalo wings on the 4th of July? Their great foods can leave you speechless after a bite.Located within a few minute walk distance from South exit of JR Ishikawa-cho/Yokohama, Benny’s Place i…(209 words)

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Park City Yokohama Shopping Visit Sport Kanagawa Taxicab Dinner Walk
KAIO Kaitenzushi restaurant in Diver City, Odaiba images

KAIO Kaitenzushi restaurant in Diver City, Odaiba

Kaio is a kaitenzushi restaurant on the 6th floor of Diver City on Odaiba, Tokyo. In addition to the normal conveyor belt, you can use the iPad touch screen to make specific orders, and they are delivered by a little "shinkansen" train on the 2nd level above the conveyor belt. Kids will love this!…(183 words)

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Odaiba Sushi Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi) Restaurant Tokyo Train English Shinkansen Bullet Train Sashimi (Raw fish)
Japan Train Station “Tachigui Sobaya” (Soba Restaurant) images

Japan Train Station “Tachigui Sobaya” (Soba Restaurant)

As you may know, one of the most used modes of transportation in japan is the train. In the midst of your travel, I am fairly confident that you’ve come across a small “Soba” (noodle) shop within the train station. The first thought I had in my mind was how traditional this establishment is for…(552 words)

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Train Restaurant Train station Tokyo Summer Drink Ticket Kyoto Winter Food
“Sushi Zanmai” in Yokohama Chinatown (Open 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 a.m.) images

“Sushi Zanmai” in Yokohama Chinatown (Open 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 a.m.)

I would like to highly recommend Sushi Zanmai Yokohama Chinatown branch with the following reasons. (1) English menu is available.(2) You can order by piece. Simple billing!(3) Their Sushi Chef, Mr. Mashima (please call him Mathie) is the best! He has been constant in his devotion to le…(226 words)

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Yokohama Sushi Chinatown Visit Drink Beer English Sake (Rice wine) Kanagawa
Meal Muji Cafe in Yurakucho, Tokyo images

Meal Muji Cafe in Yurakucho, Tokyo

Meal Muji is located on the second floor in the Yurakucho Muji store (same building as Loft). I would say one of the best Muji stores in Tokyo. It's a large open cafeteria style space- you wait in line to be seated, then you go to the deli counter to order your food and pay. Although they don't…(221 words)

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Tokyo Cafe Kids Food Miso soup Marunouchi Lunch
Watch out for misleading labels in Japan images

Watch out for misleading labels in Japan

There have been some convenient, but very misleading trends in consumerism in Japan leading non-Japanese reading visitors and residents to making annoying and sometimes dangerous mistakes.For example, above you can see a だし Dashi (soup stock) vending machine right next to a normal drink machi…(185 words)

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Drink Easily Mistaken Misunderstood May Children Juice style Fish Kirin Cocktail
Autumn appetite images

Autumn appetite

Autumn, it is a season for sports, reading, and harvest in Japan.For me, it's a season for my appetite as well as sports. I recommend one of great traditional Japanese food called Kurigohan.Chestnut is called the Japanese chestnut, are harvested in the fall. Kurigohan is steamed rice cooked…(224 words)

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Autumn Japanese food cooking
Traditional Horse Meat Gastronomy images

Traditional Horse Meat Gastronomy

For many in the world eating horse meat is considered taboo, as horses are considered to be pets. However, in Japan horse meat has a long cultural tradition dating back to at least the 1500’s. Basashi is the common term today that you will hear being used to describe horse meat, although baniku is …(461 words)

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Horse Basashi baniku Traditional Restaurant Yokohama Sashimi (Raw fish) Sukiyaki Food Hamakou
Ban Rai Tei: One of the Best Noodle Restaurant in Yokohama China Town images

Ban Rai Tei: One of the Best Noodle Restaurant in Yokohama China Town

Banrai-Tei is a great Shanghai Cuisine resturant in Yokohama China town. They are so popular that there are always lines and you can spot it easily. They originated as a noodle house and then started a restaurant, all their noodles dishes are so delicious. You've got to try their pai gu mian (Sichu…(208 words)

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Restaurant Yokohama china town Visit Food Kanagawa Lunch Chinese cuisine
Anpan Specialist Bakery in Asakusa Tokyo images

Anpan Specialist Bakery in Asakusa Tokyo

If you like Japanese sweets, there is a cute Japanese bakery in Asakusa that you should not miss. This bakery specialises in Anpan, soft bread filled with sweet bean paste. A great variety of Anpan is available at the An Desu store (あんですMATOBA). There is the regular anpan with red bean anko…(296 words)

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Asakusa Bakery Anpan (Japanese sweet roll) Sweets Coffee Bread Anpanman
Valentine's Day in Japan images

Valentine's Day in Japan

Japan is well-known for putting its unique spin on western holidays. Christmas, Halloween, even St. Patrick's Day - so why not Valentine's Day?The chocolatier Morozoff Ltd. introduced Japan to Valentine's Day back in 1936. By the mid 1950s, after it had marketed a hugely successful campaign of …(288 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Event Holidays City Department store Christmas chocolate tradition custom Sogo
Fuji Ramen - Fresh Noodles in Tonkotsu Soup images

Fuji Ramen - Fresh Noodles in Tonkotsu Soup

Fuji Ramen in Asakusa serves tasty ramen in tsukemen with tonkotsu base soup and noodles made fresh at the shop.This shop is special because it makes its own noodles. You can see the small workshop near the entrance. The noodles are straight, medium thick and very good both as ramen or tsukemen…(255 words)

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Ramen noodles Tonkotsu Tsukemen Asakusa Tokyo
Maple Leaf Tempura in Osaka images

Maple Leaf Tempura in Osaka

Tempura, the Japanese style of batter-fried food the is perhaps one of the most well-known exports the country has to offer. Crunchy tempura vegetables, shrimp, and chicken are beloved by citizens not only in Japan, but across the world.However, one shop in Osaka has a seasonal autumn twist on …(222 words)

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Tempura momiji Osaka Maple Leaf
Mixed Sandwhich images

Mixed Sandwhich

When you want something easy, try a sandwich. A mixed sandwich at a convenience store is usually made of 3 standard sandwiches: tuna fish, ham and cheese, and egg salad sandwich. For a visitor to Japan that might be tired of having exotic food and wants something simple and inexpensive, a mixed san…(58 words)

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Convenience store
Shimbashi, the Yakitori Haven in Japan images

Shimbashi, the Yakitori Haven in Japan

If you go to the Shimbashi area at night, you will find numerous funky little izakaya and eateries filled with Japanese salarymen letting go after a long day of work. Yakitori is considered a great snack to eat along with drinking alchol and so these izakaya usually have yakitori. When a bunch of i…(122 words)

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Yakitori Japan Tokyo Izakaya Walk Eat style Work