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Nombe Yokocho - Drunkard's Alley images

Nombe Yokocho - Drunkard's Alley

That is exactly what the sign says, "Nombe Yokocho" - Drunkard's Alley. It is located about a minute from Shibuya Station - almost directly across the street from a police box. It is a small section next to the JR tracks that is filled with bars. Sorry, this photo is taken during the day, when n…(188 words)

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Taxis in Japan, Are they even Better Now? images

Taxis in Japan, Are they even Better Now?

Okay, I admit it. I ride a taxi in Japan at least twice a day. I've been here 27 years and never felt the need to get one of those things you keep at your house in a garage that has four wheels and moves :)The Japanese public transportation combined with the convenience and extreme accessibil…(297 words)