Ban Rai Tei: One of the Best Noodle Restaurant in Yokohama China Town

Banrai-Tei is a great Shanghai Cuisine resturant in Yokohama China town. They are so popular that there are always lines and you can spot it easily. They originated as a noodle house and then started a restaurant, all their noodles dishes are so delicious. You've got to try their pai gu mian (Sichuan noodle and pork shoulder soup), chinese mustard noodles and many more- they are all great!

Their Shanghai chow mein looks like just a lump of very thick noodles, but they taste so good that you can eat it as a special main dish over rice.

Also, don't forget to order chopped vegetable dish with cucumber and edamame. That is one of my favorite and I make sure to order it whenever I visit them.

They provide a lunch set menu only at 650 yen. It is value for money!! Please make a note tea will be charged separately although a glass of water is free.

Ban Rai Tei is located near the Market Street (Shijo Dori) at the outer circles of Yokohama China Town. It’s a great place to simply eat great food at reasonable price!

Address: 216 Yamachita-cho, Yokohama City
Tel: 045-664-0767
Closed on Thurday

Tabelog : http://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140105/14000669/ (Japanese only)

by Suetsumuhana

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