Hiroshima Prefecture (広島県, Hiroshima-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūgoku region on Honshu island. The capital is the city of Hiroshima. It has a population of around 2.9 million. The area around Hiroshima was formerly divided into Bingo Province and Aki Province. This location has been a center of trade and culture since the beginning of Japan's recorded history. Hiroshima is a traditional center of the Chūgoku region and was the seat of the Mōri clan until the Battle of Sekigahara.

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Mitarai - Hiroshima's Best Kept Secret images

Mitarai - Hiroshima's Best Kept Secret

Connected by a set of scenic bridges to the mainland, the historic island town of Mitarai sits on the eastern outcrop of Osaki Shimojima Island in the Seto Inland Sea. The island is home to the much-coveted Ocho Mikan - a popular brand of orange only produced on this island. The island's loudsp…(340 words)

Tom Miyagawa image

Tom Miyagawa

Cycling the scenic Seto Inland Sea images

Cycling the scenic Seto Inland Sea

If you're looking for a holiday in Japan which involves stunning scenery, great food and some moderate exercise then the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Cycling route is for you. The cycling route runs for about 70 kilometres across 6 islands and bridges of the Seto Inland Sea, linking Imabari City in Ehi…(605 words)

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西条 - Saijo (préfecture d'Hiroshima) : La Ville du SAKE ! images

西条 - Saijo (préfecture d'Hiroshima) : La Ville du SAKE !

Si vous souhaitez découvrir le goût du saké il vous faut absolument vous rendre à Saijo (Préfecture d'Hiroshima) ! Cette visite ressemble à un voyage dans le passé à travers certaines des plus anciennes et prestigieuses brasseries de saké du pays. KAMOTSURU, FUKUBIJIN, KAMOIZUMI, KIREI, S…(484 words)

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西条 - Saijo (Hiroshima) : The SAKE town ! images

西条 - Saijo (Hiroshima) : The SAKE town !

If you want to discover the taste of sake you must visit Saijo (Hiroshima Prefecture) !This tour is like a journey through the past through some of the oldest and most prestigious sake breweries in the country.KAMOTSURU, FUKUBIJIN, KAMOIZUMI, KIREI, SAIJOTSURU, HAKUBOTAN, SANYOTSURU, KAMOKI…(405 words)

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Hyogo and Hiroshima Prefecture - Western Japan travel from Osaka images

Hyogo and Hiroshima Prefecture - Western Japan travel from Osaka

Visit Himeji Castle“Often said to be Japan's best example of a complete fortress castle, Himeji Castle is a picturesque beauty, sitting atop a hill in Hyogo Prefecture. It is often referred to as either a white egret or heron, referring to its white exterior and elegant shape, much like a great…(568 words)

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Hiroshima, Peace, Reflection, Remembrance and Hope images

Hiroshima, Peace, Reflection, Remembrance and Hope

Hiroshima is one of the most visited cities in Japan because of its tragic history, but also because of its vibrant rebirth - a testament to the strength of the Japanese spirit to never give up. If you are interested in how Japanese people respect their lost loved ones and ancestors, a visit here i…(233 words)

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Hiroshima Landslide - visiting & volunteering images

Hiroshima Landslide - visiting & volunteering

As many of you have heard, there was a horrible landslide triggered by a severe thunderstorm that hit Hiroshima city in the early morning of 8/20/2014. As of 9/10/2014, 72 people were killed and 2 remain missing and over 830 people have lost their homes. The city center did not have any serious…(304 words)

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Hiroshima's Botanical Gardens images

Hiroshima's Botanical Gardens

A visit to Hiroshima city in Spring or Summer should include a stop by the Botanical Gardens in Saiki-ku, only a 30 minute drive from Hiroshima city center or a 40 minute bus ride from the bus center (inside Sogo department store). It is an easy stop-off on the way to or from one of Hiroshima's…(311 words)

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Miroku-no-sato: Hiroshima's Futuristic Budda Village Amusement Park images

Miroku-no-sato: Hiroshima's Futuristic Budda Village Amusement Park

If you are living or visiting the Hiroshima area with your family, or have an interest in old-style Japanese amusement parks, head over to Fukuyama city and Hiroshima's only amusement park, Miroku-no-sato. The name can be translated as "Futuristic Buddha’s Village" which seems like a rather unusual…(968 words)

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Onomichi - Hiroshima's gateway to the Seto Inland Sea images

Onomichi - Hiroshima's gateway to the Seto Inland Sea

Japan has 47 prefectures all of which have their own attractions making it hard for the foreign visitor to choose where to go. Hiroshima is undoubtedly high on the list of must visit places because of the Peace Museum and the beautiful floating shrine gate of Miyajima. However, most visitors would…(744 words)

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How to Enjoy Hiroshima Twice as Much! images

How to Enjoy Hiroshima Twice as Much!

Many people want to go by themselves and learn about the importance of pursuing world peace and the influence of nuclear weapons by visiting the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Park. In addition, Miyajima’s huge, iconic Torii gate over the water attracts many people with its mysterious pre…(431 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Planning An Amazing Trip To Japan, But Not Sure Where To Go? images

Planning An Amazing Trip To Japan, But Not Sure Where To Go?

Are you thinking about or planning a trip to Japan, but not sure where to go?Check out this amazing 2 week sample itinerary that includes some of Japan's most unique & worthwhile places to visit!DAYS 1-3: TOKYO - One of the world’s most fascinating cities! Stay in a modern & stylish hotel (like…(443 words)

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan image

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan

Hitachino Nest Beer images

Hitachino Nest Beer

Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki prefecture has been making Hitachino Nest Beer since 1996. They offer over ten different kinds of beer including Amber Ale, Espresso Stout, Pale Ale, Weizen, and Japanese Classic Ale. What is also interesting is that one of their beers, the XH (a strong Belgian ale) blend …(117 words)

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Miyajima- Hiroshima prefecture images

Miyajima- Hiroshima prefecture

Miyajima scenery well-known from the guide book or typical image of Japan.Although it's very famous scenery, many people don't know it's in the Hiroshima prefecture.Miyajima was build 9century and it was build traditional Japanese way which has not using any nails.They maintain not using any …(60 words)

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Buddhism experience in Japan images

Buddhism experience in Japan

The way of the warrior may not be easy to experience, but Buddhism and traditional Japanese religion is an insight into the power and culture of the warrior spirit.I experienced a few hours of Zazen meditation practice and a traditional Buddhist vegan lunch in the Setoda-cho area of Onomichi, H…(158 words)

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Local Shops Have Great Prices Too images

Local Shops Have Great Prices Too

Daiso is actually a Hiroshima company that is now in Australia and other countries around Asia as well. However, none of the products are actually made in Japan. Of course it is fun to walk around and see all the cheap Chinese made products, but you can actually find most of the good things they ha…(387 words)

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Where to Find a Tasty Japanese Bento in Japan? images

Where to Find a Tasty Japanese Bento in Japan?

I had a wonderful taste of Miyagi, Hiroshima and Kyoto before I reached Fujisawa just 30 minutes later on the Tokkaido line from Tokyo station. I splurged on the green car for a very relaxed and private meal and let me tastebuds have a party. If you a planning a 30 plus minute ride on a train from …(79 words)


Japan travel destinations outside the big cities images

Japan travel destinations outside the big cities

Okayama - Kurashiki"This area is well known throughout Japan for having refurbished original 'kura' warehouses in the old merchant district of the city. The district was not destroyed by bombing during World War II, and is one of the few places in Western Japan where you can enjoy Japanese cult…(421 words)

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Sake should drink hot or cold? images

Sake should drink hot or cold?

When you try sake, many people have image to have”Hot sake”(atsukan) butmost good sake should be enjoyed slightly chilled. Cheaper sake is served warm.Also If it’s cold winter, you would like to have hot sake to get warm.There are grade of sake. It’s call Daiginjo is the highest quality (ve…(108 words)

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