Japanese Breads: Yakisobapan and Karepan are Superheroes

Surprising Japanese Breads

Japanese people obviously love bread. It seems that next to every train station there is a bakery and every convenience store has a bread corner. Many of these breads look like something you might find in Europe, but the Japanese breads are often a little different, they have evolved into their own category. Filled Japanese breads are called kashipan, both sweet and savoury ones.

Maybe the most famous kashipan is Anpan. One of the most beloved children's characters - Mickey-Mouse-level famous! - is Anpanman. His head is an Anpan bread and he can fly. Anpan is a sweet bread with a red bean filling. Among Anpanman's friends are some of the most popular Japanese breads.

Karepan - Deep Fried Japanese Curry Bread

Japanese curry (カレー / kare) with rice is a very popular dish. People love to eat it at home, at restaurants, and as bento for lunch. Just as popular is Japanese curry bread (カレーパン / kare-pan) . Karepan is bread filled with curry. The dough is coated in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried.

Karepanman (カレーパンマン) the Curry Bread Man is a regular on the Anpanman cast. He is not very patient and sometimes gets angry, but he is a reliable friend. Everyone loves the curry rice he cooks.

Yakisobapan - Yakisoba Noodle Sandwich

Every festival has a yatai foodstall selling Yakisoba - Japanese noodles fried with vegetables, meat, and sauce. The noodles are also used to make a sandwich. Usually it is a soft bread like a hot dog bun filled with yakisoba noodles and topped with a little red ginger and mayonnaise.

This is Yakisobapanman (やきそばパンマン)who fights bad guys with his spatulas and makes Yakisoba that he shares with everyone.

Try these kashipan breads and check out the fun world of Anpanman.

by David

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