Kamameshi (釜飯) literally translates to "kettle rice" and is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot called a kama. Kamameshi originally referred to rice that was eaten communally from the kama. Kamameshi was originated in a town called Takeshitakama also known as Okunamikama. Coworkers or family members either ate directly from the kama pot or by transferring the rice to individual bowls. The term emerged in the late Meiji period, and is associated with the communal eating of rice in the aftermath of the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake. Later, similar to takikomi gohan, kamameshi came to refer to a type of Japanese pilaf cooked with various types of meat, seafood, and vegetables, and flavored with soy sauce, sake, or mirin. By cooking the rice and various ingredients in an iron pot, the rice gets slightly burned at the bottom which adds a desirable flavor to the rice. Kama designed specifically to prepare kamameshi appeared on the market as the dish became popular across Japan, and the prepared kamameshi is placed directly on the table in its pot for the meal. A small-scale replica of the kame is used to create an individual serving of kamameshi, and the dish is now a popular ekiben.

from Kamameshi (Wikipedia) CC BY SA 3.0

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Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento images

Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento

I would recommend Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento from Gunma prefecture. They can be purchased at Nagano Shinkansen stations. They are assortments of traditional Japanese foods in a small ceramic pot (Kamameshi) or Daruma shaped plastic bento box (Daruma Bento). These containers can be reus…(70 words)

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Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo images

Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo

I would recommend strongly a restaurant named Torigin. It is a very famous yakitori restaurant in Ginza. They serve the best yakitori I have ever eaten. They not only serve yakitori but also "kamameshi", which is basically Japanese fried rice. It is served in a little iron pot, so stays hot till yo…(75 words)

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