Gunma Prefecture (群馬県, Gunma-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the northwest corner of the Kantō region on the main Honshu island. Its capital is Maebashi.

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Whitewater Rafting in Gunma Pref. images

Whitewater Rafting in Gunma Pref.

Living in the concrete jungle of Tokyo can be overwhelming after a while. (Like the frog being boiled in a pot.)I was looking for a place to get back to nature within a short Shinkansen ride from Tokyo. A friend turned me on to a place called Minakami in Gunma prefecture. There the Tone Riv…(112 words)

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Kusatsu Onsen – one of Japan’s best hot spring resorts images

Kusatsu Onsen – one of Japan’s best hot spring resorts

Visiting an onsen (hot spring) is an authentic Japanese experience“Going to hot springs in Japan is high on the list of great things to do and is a fantastic way to calm the nerves and get refreshed. Few things are as an authentic Japanese experience as going to a Japanese hot spring and enjoyi…(480 words)

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Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento images

Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento

I would recommend Touge-no-Kamameshi and Daruma Bento from Gunma prefecture. They can be purchased at Nagano Shinkansen stations. They are assortments of traditional Japanese foods in a small ceramic pot (Kamameshi) or Daruma shaped plastic bento box (Daruma Bento). These containers can be reus…(70 words)

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A steamed Japanese cake images

A steamed Japanese cake

In onsen areas with shops, you often see "Manjuu", a steamed Japanese cake with a doughy outside, and sweet red beans on the inside.At one time, they would use actual onsen water for the dough, and the steam from the onsen to cook the manjuu, but these days, just selling them at onsen is enough f…(119 words)

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Check out Japan’s museums and their specialized collections images

Check out Japan’s museums and their specialized collections

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Gunma"There is that contemporary art museum in the middle of the mountain that is fabulous. It is managed by the Hara Museum, and hosts collections that do not fit in the mother museum based in Shinagawa (a wonderful place to visit...)”Read the full post h…(406 words)

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