What yakitori chicken restuarant in Tokyo do you recommend?

Shimbashi, the Yakitori Haven in Japan

Delicious Meat BBQ Japanese Style

If you go to the Shimbashi area at night, you will find numerous funky little izakaya and eateries filled with Japanese salarymen letting go after a long day of work. Yakitori is considered a great snack to eat along with drinking alchol and so these izakaya usually have yakitori. When a bunch of izakaya serving yakitori are in the same area, the quality invariably rises due to competition. Thus, Shimbashi is known in Tokyo as the best place to go for yakitori. Any of the izakaya will definitely satisfy you. Mashiko, though, is a famous yakitori place just about a minute walk from the SL Hiroba at Shimbashi station,

I recommend you just go down to the area at night and explore.

by GenS

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