Benny’s Place, Real American style bar

Miss your home?

If you miss your home back in the States, why don’t you visit Benny’s Place to have real spareribs and Buffalo wings on the 4th of July? Their great foods can leave you speechless after a bite.

Located within a few minute walk distance from South exit of JR Ishikawa-cho/Yokohama, Benny’s Place is a great American Style bar run by a retired US navy officer.

I visited the place a few years ago for the first time and overwhelmed how crammed the place was with so many American people then. It’s also well-known as a sports bar.

After dinner, I would recommend to take a taxi to the Osanbashi Pier (just about 1,500 yen). You can walk around the sidewalk and oversee Yokohama city with beautiful night views of Red Brick Warehouse, Ferris wheel and the Yokohama Marine Tower. You can also walk to the Pier from the bar, which takes about an hour. (Enjoy Motomachi Shopping Street and China Town. Then you will get to the Yamashita Park. The Pier is within some 15 minute walk distance from the Yamashita Park.)

Benny’s Place
2F Mitsubo bld.1-25 Ishikawa-cho Nakaku, Yokohama city
Open from 6pm to 1am
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tel: 045-671-0818

by Suetsumuhana

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