Sushi, the fast food of Japan

In Tokyo, go for Marui sushi

Sushi, is the traditional fast food in Japan. It is finger food in fact. Yes, you read me well: you do not need any chopsticks to eat sushi. Your fingers are all enough.

So, to me, a 4 Michelin star sushi place, is quite similar to giving Michelin stars to a Mac Donald (yes, I am exaggerating, but the idea is there).

Of course, you can get all Abe and posh and invite your good friend at Sukiyabashi Jiro but, you do not need to.

There are quite reasonable sushi place everywhere. My favorite one is called Marui sushi. It is located in a back street in Ginza 3-chome (2 streets behind Matsuya; at the corner of which, you have a Starbucks)


At lunch time, they have nice sets of nigiri sushi and of donburi. Nigiri: the sushi you know. donburi: a bowl of sushi-ed rice on top of which you have raw fish.

For diner, you have the choice between menu or by the order.

Marui is one of the shinise (old house) of Tsukiji market. The fish is super extra fresh, service is crisp and friendly.

The trick to eat nigiri without dropping rice everywhere is the following: do not sink the rice part in the soya sauce. You want to dip the fish part in the soya sauce. So, if you use chopsticks, you will need some practice to do it. With fingers, it is much more easier. Second, do not bite the sushi. You need to eat it in one piece. It does need mental and physical practice but once you get the trick, try the oh-this-taste-soooo-good-smile at the same time and then you will look like you belong.

For drinks: well, I am not a sake fan so I drink wine. Beer or white wine like chardonnay or chablis go along sushis.

I am sure there are many more places to enjoy sushi.

Anyway, if you are in good company, the food will always be enjoyable.

by Claire

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