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What's DeepJapan?

Exactly as described by its URL, the DJ concept is "Enjoy a Deeper Japan". Debuting in August, 2013,www.deepjapan.org aims to disseminate real and supportive information about Japan's amazing intricacies to the world. Over 500 long term international residents, based in and constantly discovering new aspects of Japan, are the "Senpai" elders who offer tips on how to experience Japan like a local.

Deep Japan fills a resource gap and is utterly different from review and word-of-mouth travel sites in that Senpai writers who call Japan their home, are alert and on the lookout for people, places and things that internationals should not miss during their stay. While other sites feature reviews from the travelers themselves, Deep Japan offers insight for new internationals from the long-term internationals on the ground. Its like getting insightful directions through new and exciting territory from the people who built the road. More than any other group, the DJ Senpai can relate to the needs and requirements of a first time visitor to Japan and the site overflows with tips on Japanese cuisine, shopping, travel, transportation, hot springs, and much more.

With the number of international guests at a record-breaking 10 million in 2013 and 40 to 60 million annual guests expected with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, Deep Japan will continue to perfect the sourcing of real, meaningful and from-the-ground-up information for all.



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