Fresh Coffee at Japanese Convenience Stores

Convenience stores offer fresh coffee in addition to other coffee products

Japan has many coffee shops, chains like Starbucks or Doutor and old Japanese style cafes called kissaten. Coffee is also available from vending machines everywhere, both hot and cold canned coffee. The many convenience stores offer a variety of coffee products, now also including freshly brewed coffee.

Fresh coffee from convenience stores has become very popular in Japan since 2013. The coffee is good and quite cheap - usually 100 Yen for a small cup and 150 Yen for a bigger cup. At a cafe you can expect to pay 300-500 Yen per cup and canned coffee from a vending machine will be around 120-150 Yen.

Some convenience stores now have also added a small area for people to sit down and have a snack. Sometimes some chairs and tables in front of the store, sometimes a counter inside. Feel free to take a break here.

To have a freshly brewed coffee buy the cup, then make the coffee yourself at the counter. Lids, cream, and sugar is all there for you to take. For ice coffee, cups filled with ice are available.

It has been reported in the media that this coffee has become so popular that coffee roasters and ice makers have increased their production to supply the convenience stores. If you like coffee try some and also take a look at the many other coffee products available. It is interesting to see the many things on offer and how they are packaged and presented.

by David

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