Meal Muji Cafe in Yurakucho, Tokyo

Well organized and delicious. Not too expensive.

Meal Muji is located on the second floor in the Yurakucho Muji store (same building as Loft). I would say one of the best Muji stores in Tokyo.

It's a large open cafeteria style space- you wait in line to be seated, then you go to the deli counter to order your food and pay. Although they don't have English menu, you can point at what you would like as it's all in a glass counter. I always love the variery of their colorful selections. The food is fresh and the selection is good. Lots of non fish options and worth the wait! Their freshly baked bread is very popular too.

They have set meal options; 3 combo (one hot, two cold selections) or 4 combo (two each). Both come with either bread or rice. They serve a great organic miso soup as option.

What I like about this place is they are so kids-friendly. They have a lot of kids chairs too.

When you are in the area, try it you won't be disappointed.

Meal Muji Cafe, YURAKUCHO
10am to 9pm
3-8-2 Marunouchi, Infos Yurakucho 2F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

by EmiOnishi

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