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Sakuramochi hits the spot images

Sakuramochi hits the spot

My favorite dessert during the spring time is sakura-mochi, which is a pink and sweet rice cake with red bean paste and a sakura leaf wrapped around the mochi. It is delectable and is perfect after any meal. I love how the saltiness of the leaf complements the sweetness of the mochi. This is th…(68 words)

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Mochi (Rice cake) Cherry blossom Cherry Dessert Spring
TOFU is the way to go! images

TOFU is the way to go!

As a person who hardly eats any meat, I always look for restaurants with meals for vegetarians. Some of my favorite restaurants are tofu-specific restaurants. Tofu is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. My favorite restaurant is "Ume-no-hana" in Sky Building in Yokohama Station. I love …(155 words)

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Tofu (Soy bean curd) Restaurant Yokohama Building
Yatai while doing hanami images

Yatai while doing hanami

Yatai or open-air food stalls are seen at festivals and big events. I love stopping at several yatais when I go do hanami at Gumyoji. During the sakura-blooming season, there is a row of yatai along the river in Gumyoji. Along the river, there are also cherry-blossom trees! Therefore, it is a great…(131 words)

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Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Tokyo River Beauty Nature
Best Bar in Roppongi, Japan images

Best Bar in Roppongi, Japan

My favorite bar in Tokyo is Heartland bar in Roppongi Hills. It is a very open and fancy bar, always lively with people, perfect for a drink before clubbing in Roppongi. It is also where Heartland Beer (a Japanese beer made by Kirin) was first made. For Roppongi, the beer cocktails are very reasona…(84 words)

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Roppongi Japan Tokyo Drink Beer Roppongi Hills
Don't worry! images

Don't worry!

I've sometimes been in a dilemma in that my friends want to eat sushi, but I can't eat raw fish. In that case, I order inari-zushi and tamago-maki - my two favorite dishes. Inari zushi is vinegar rice stuffed in fried-tofu, brown bags. The sourness of the vinegar complements the sweetness of the fr…(133 words)

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Restaurant Sushi Sea Sashimi (Raw fish) Tofu (Soy bean curd) Natto (Fermented soy beans) Vinegar
To warm your body... images

To warm your body...

During the winter, I like to warm my body up with a hot nabe, which is a big pot filled with vegetables, meat and fish. As a person who eats little meat, I love cooking a mountain of vegetables in the soup stock. The vegetables that I always put in are daikon, nagaimo (type of yam), shiitake mushro…(92 words)

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Mountain Tofu (Soy bean curd) Hot pot dish Winter
UMESHU images



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Sake (Rice wine) Izakaya
Specialty Ramen Stores in Japan images

Specialty Ramen Stores in Japan

First of all, its important to know that it is rare to have bad ramen. Any ramen in Japan should be tasty. So when you are looking for your favourite ramen, you should first think about what kind of taste you like. Do you like a shoyu (soy sauce) base? Or tonkotsu (soup made from pork)? Miso? Sea f…(186 words)

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Ramen noodles Japan Food Soy sauce Museum Miso Yokohama
Fans of Green Tea, Listen to This Helpful Tip images

Fans of Green Tea, Listen to This Helpful Tip

Ryokucha is my favourite type of green tea. I still drink it regularly and when I used to go to school, I would drink 500 ml a day. At any convenient store or supermarket, you will have a range of green tea brands to choose from. Any of them are good. If given the choice, I would probably choose Ay…(173 words)

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Green tea Tea Drink Hokkaido Japan Work
Shaved Ice, Iced Coffee, and Beer in Japan images

Shaved Ice, Iced Coffee, and Beer in Japan

Shaved Ice is a popular snack, usually only available in the winter. It is popular especially as a snack on the pool side or at the beach. You can choose from a range of syrups including melon, strawberry, and blue hawaii. My personal favorite is melon. Some Shaved ice even has ice cream on it. A v…(232 words)

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Beer Coffee Drink Tea
Great Sashimi in Japan images

Great Sashimi in Japan

At the tsukiji fish market, you would naturally assue that the best delicacies are made from fish. In fact, there are many other delicacies, unrelated to fish, that you should not miss. All of these are comparatively cheap and have a lot of volume. These places exist to provide cheap but tasty and …(177 words)

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Sushi Sashimi (Raw fish) Japan Sugar Tsukiji Tokyo Visit Food
Mochi - different experiences with different flavors images

Mochi - different experiences with different flavors

My favorite O-kashi are mochi (Japanese rice cakes) of all different shapes and flavors. These are so fun to eat, because the selection of mochi change depending on the season. During the spring, there is sakuramochi (pink rice cakes with anko inside and a sakura leaf wrapped around the mochi); dur…(140 words)

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Mochi (Rice cake) Cherry blossom Strawberry Spring Summer Winter
All You Can Drink in Japan! images

All You Can Drink in Japan!

When having a party at any izakaya (Japanese pub), a common option to choose is the nomihoudai (all you can drink) option. I never thought this was unique to Japan until my foreigner friends told me they had never had an all you can drink option. If you choose to do nomihoudai, you will be able to …(260 words)

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Drink Nomihoudai (All you can drink) Beer Izakaya Yen Party Pub new
Looking for traditional snacks? Go to Kamakura! images

Looking for traditional snacks? Go to Kamakura!

During the holidays, I always reserve a day to wander around Kamakura. I love Kamakura and how every time I go, I come back full and satisfied. Kamakura has one of the best Japanese restaurants and wagashi (Japanese snacks) places. If you walk along the main road right outside the station, there is…(152 words)

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Kamakura Tokyo Mochi (Rice cake) Holidays
KURI-GOHAN! images


My favorite food during the autumn is kuri-gohan, which is sticky rice mixed with sweet chestnuts and red beans. The stickiness of the rice and the sweetness of the chestnuts go perfectly together. It tastes even better if you sprinkle some salt or sesame seeds! I definite food you must purchase or…(86 words)

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Department store Salt Bento (box meal) Autumn
Shop and eat at Motomachi! images

Shop and eat at Motomachi!

Motomachi is a popular area among women, because it is a chic and fancy street full of delicious restaurants and brand and non-branded stores. Along the street, you will come across stores such as Zara, Samantha Thavasa, Star Jewelry and so on. My favorite part of Motomachi, however, is the street …(140 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Jewelry
Fruits and vegetables at the combini! images

Fruits and vegetables at the combini!

When I'm hungry but don't want something high in calories, I go to the nearby convenience store and get a fruit cup, vegetable cup or fruit yoghurt. As convenience stores are easily accessible, you can purchase these snacks any time! Fruits, vegetables and yoghurt are also healthy choices as snacks…(74 words)

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Convenience store Department store Fruits
Try the Ramen Specialty Dish In Japan images

Try the Ramen Specialty Dish In Japan

All of the options you have to personalize your ramen at a ramen shop make it really tempting to add things to your ramen. However, I recommend any first time user of a ramen shop to try the house specialty, without adding anything extra. The ramen master at ramen places has spent years finding the…(187 words)

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Ramen noodles Japan Yokohama Soy sauce Chinese dumpling Shop new
Ice shavings called Kakigori! images

Ice shavings called Kakigori!

This is fantastic food called Kakigori. There are many tastes with strawberry, skim milk, melon, lemon, blue Hawaii, and azuki bean syrups. Also you can find a wide range of syrups out like combination tastes.(35 words)

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Milk Strawberry Muskmelon
Hungry? Eat Cup Noodle Ramen in Japan images

Hungry? Eat Cup Noodle Ramen in Japan

I warn you first that this post is not really for you if your are a very health conscious person. One of the most popular quick meal options at the combini, especially among salarymen and male students, is cup noodle. At any combini, you will find a great selection of different noodles to try. …(169 words)

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Japan Eat Ramen noodles Udon noodles Food
Hostess Cafes images

Hostess Cafes

Hostess cafes are all over Japan and serve Japanese style pub food and drinks by cute hostesses. They are very popular with Japanese men because the hostesses are often flirtatious and friendly. The prices vary, but the cafes often become expensive if you become enamoured with your waitress.(48 words)

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The most common form of seaweed I use in nori (or dry seaweed). This can be used as topping for many Japanese dishes, such as soba, okonomiyaki and ramen. It adds a delicious flavor to the dishes as well as nutritional content. Another form of seaweed I love is hijiki, which is a type of seawee…(125 words)

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Ramen noodles Soba noodles Okonomiyaki
Be efficient. images

Be efficient.

If there is a long line at the cashier, while you are waiting, you may want to get your change ready (if you know the price). This will reduce the waiting time for the people behind you. This comes from the Japanese attitude of wanting to please other people or not wanting to bother others. In orde…(95 words)

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Good til the last drop images

Good til the last drop

Japan has beer, and then they have "happoshu", which is actually imitation beer with very low actual malt/hop content. Happoshu however tastes nearly identical to beer, and for all intents and purposes, should, in fact, be considered a decent replacement for real beer.There is one striking char…(168 words)

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Beer Sapporo
Big noise, necessary images

Big noise, necessary

Not only Udon but Soba and Ramen, you should make noise when eating those, and it is right way. You will have noodles with soup when slurp those and taste the harmony of the flour and the soup.When you did't, you just eat noodles and feel the taste weakly. Make big noise!!!Taste our cultu…(56 words)

Moo Moo image

Moo Moo

Ramen noodles Soba noodles Udon noodles
Chilled with tempura toppings images

Chilled with tempura toppings

Hanamarudon is a franchise chain of Sanuki udon (originated from Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku) which is my favorite spot to go to . This might sound strange but I like my udon chilled topped with tempuras (Japanese fritters of vegetable, seafood etc).Here is the menu online.http://www.hanamar…(119 words)

Andrew Soh Chih Jen image

Andrew Soh Chih Jen

Tempura Soy sauce Udon noodles Fast food Shikoku Kagawa Spring
Tuna salad rolls images

Tuna salad rolls

I recommend to try some tasty tuna salad rolls! They are usually called "Salad maki" in Japanese. They are somewhat healthy, kid-friendly and safe to eat (not raw fish). They use Japanese mayonnaise (Famous one is"Kewpie Mayonnaise." It has a very creamy texture. Very rich flavor. Great on Sa…(74 words)

EmiOnishi image


Sushi Sashimi (Raw fish) Mayonnaise
Bettei images


I would like to introduce one of hideaway restaurant, which is called "Bettei". It is located nearby Ebisu sta. just by 5 min walk. They serve fresh vegetable and fishes from Kamakura. And, it's quite reasonable!!(35 words)

Emyuuu image


Tokyo Restaurant Kamakura Ebisu
Lively Drinking Spots in Japan: Beer Gardens and Izakaya Japanese Pubs images

Lively Drinking Spots in Japan: Beer Gardens and Izakaya Japanese Pubs

You can find Beer Gardens atop department stores around Japan and Izakayas along any busy restaurant area in any city in the country.Although also popular with groups of friends or coworkers, you will find Japanese style pubs "Izakaya" popular with men- they serve many small dishes that go well…(220 words)

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Beer Izakaya Tokyo City Restaurant Drink Department store Sea Sake (Rice wine) Shochu Natto (Fermented soy beans)
Take a chance sometimes images

Take a chance sometimes

While it's usually best to order the sushi directly so it's fresh, sometimes it's good to take a chance and grab a plate off the conveyor belt. The chefs often serve up some of their crazier concoction that you may not have ordered in the first place. It's important to consider that they tend to co…(68 words)

KurtisW image


Sushi Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi)
Doing Tsuke-men Right images

Doing Tsuke-men Right

Tsuke-men is a style of ramen where the noodles are served on the side of the soup broth, which tends to be thicker than the typical ramen broth.When ordering Tsuke-men, there are a variety of ways you can order the noodles. First you can order your noodles thin, or hoso-men, or thick, futs…(140 words)

KurtisW image


Ramen noodles
Japanese tea images

Japanese tea

My mom always served Japanese tea after dinner at my home. It made us feel refresh and gave us pleasant time with family.The scent of green tea is also refresh our minds.(33 words)

elicok image


Tea Green tea
Leave your order up to the chef images

Leave your order up to the chef

If you sit at the counter instead of table, just leave the order up to the chef. They will serve the best sushi of the day.(26 words)

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Unique farmers markets in heart of Tokyo images

Unique farmers markets in heart of Tokyo

The image of farmers market is outside and once a week on the weekend.Tokyo Kotsuu Kaikan is look like regular office building in Hibiya(near Ginza) but it is now the place to get local fresh food from all of Japan.They have farmers markets everyday include on Sat and Sun.There are so …(175 words)

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Tokyo Building Ginza Osaka Fruits Marunouchi Hokkaido Wakayama Takoyaki (Octopus ball) Toyama
Order regular one, eat as fast as possible images

Order regular one, eat as fast as possible

I recommend you to order the regular one or the signature ramen of the restaurant. It should be the best one of the restaurant. When you eat it, try east as fast as possible. And make sure making noise during you eat. It makes the taste better by the combination of noodle and soup.(54 words)

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Restaurant Ramen noodles
It's not a fancy or stylish one images

It's not a fancy or stylish one

If you speak Japanese, Toriyoshi in Meguro is one of the best. It's a very small restaurant and probably not accept reservation but you can have great Yakitori in reasonable price. Also a Yakitori stand in front of Musashi Koyama station is awesome. You will have Yakitori standing outside.…(57 words)

juninada image


Tokyo Restaurant Yakitori
On a hot summer's night, not much difference... images

On a hot summer's night, not much difference...

True - Happoshu (imitation beer, or, as I call it, "near beer") is a low-malt mixture and sells for less than regular beer. I feel happoshu tends to have a sharper taste.However, if you are looking for a crisp beer taste and are on a budget, then nobody will think the less of you for trying a ha…(92 words)

jdlawrence image


Beer Summer
"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町) images

"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町)

If you don't know this small diner, you may hesitate to drop in there or may pass by without noticing it, but once you know it, you will definitely love it and feel like coming back again!"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅), or simply "Ken" (堅), is a small traditional Japanese diner run by a middle-aged J…(379 words)

maxnino image


Tokyo Restaurant Drink Sake (Rice wine) Cuisine Conversations
Energy Drinks For When Not Feeling Well images

Energy Drinks For When Not Feeling Well

Japan has a great selection of energy drinks that are always changing with the times. However, there are two drinks that haven been round for the longest time and are still going strong. They are basically the same drink, in competition with each other, I suppose a little bit like Coke and Pepsi...…(243 words)

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Convenience store Drink Sport Playing Summer
Fujisoba images


The Fujisoba, Japanese noodle is unique. There are a lot of Fujisoba in Tokyo.Asakusa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and so on. It is served so speedy.A lot of kind of soba. Cuttlefish, Tempura, Chicken…If you used Fujisoba, you must buy ticket on the machine before ent…(54 words)

ErinoO image


Tokyo Shinjuku Ticket Shibuya Asakusa Soba noodles Tempura