Where can I find a great "yatai" or open-air food stall in Tokyo?

Yatai while doing hanami

Yatai or open-air food stalls are seen at festivals and big events. I love stopping at several yatais when I go do hanami at Gumyoji. During the sakura-blooming season, there is a row of yatai along the river in Gumyoji. Along the river, there are also cherry-blossom trees! Therefore, it is a great place to spend time - eat delicious yatai food as well as talk to friends and family members while observing the beauty of nature.

The tip to finding a great "yatai" is to decide what you want (yakisoba, chocolate cover bananas, etc.) and then look for the lines. If all the stalls don't have lines, you should go to the yatais that cooking the food in front of you - these tend to be fresher and more tasty.

by RieS

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