What are some shops and restaurants popular with women in Tokyo?

Shop and eat at Motomachi!

Motomachi is a popular area among women, because it is a chic and fancy street full of delicious restaurants and brand and non-branded stores. Along the street, you will come across stores such as Zara, Samantha Thavasa, Star Jewelry and so on. My favorite part of Motomachi, however, is the street at the back of motomachi. Here, there are many stores that would be expensive at night, but can be relatively reasonable for lunch. My favorite restuarant is "Komeya," which is a small store selling onigiris with many small, Japanese side dishes including fish and vegetables. This is a very healthy and cheap lunch that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves Japanese food! I also recommend Kandy, a small, chic restaurant near the main-street of Motomachi. Although the portions can be small, the food is delicious and quite reasonable.

by RieS

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