Where do you recommend I buy snacks (O-kashi) in Tokyo?

Looking for traditional snacks? Go to Kamakura!

During the holidays, I always reserve a day to wander around Kamakura. I love Kamakura and how every time I go, I come back full and satisfied. Kamakura has one of the best Japanese restaurants and wagashi (Japanese snacks) places. If you walk along the main road right outside the station, there is a whole street full of souvenirs, small wagashi stores, restaurants, etc. You should definitely pick up some snacks on the way. I always pick up an onsenbe (rice crakcer) that was just made (you can see the person cooking the onsenbe on the street) and mochi (which is also made on the street). Every time I go to Kamakura, I also stop by the Mameya, which is along the street of stores. They sell different flavored beans ranging from sweet to non-sweetened ones. Perfect souvenirs for your family and friends! I place you must stop-by before you leave Japan!

by RieS

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