How do I spot a good ramen noodle shop?

Specialty Ramen Stores in Japan

Taste Different Types of Ramen

First of all, its important to know that it is rare to have bad ramen. Any ramen in Japan should be tasty. So when you are looking for your favourite ramen, you should first think about what kind of taste you like. Do you like a shoyu (soy sauce) base? Or tonkotsu (soup made from pork)? Miso? Sea food? Once you decide the type of taste you want, look for a place that specialises in that kind of ramen. This is key. A place with different types of ramen usually is mediocre. You want to go to the place that only specialises in one type of ramen and makes sure that that ramen is the perfect one. Going to any one of the famous places like Ichiran or Ramen Jiro will ensure that you will have good ramen. If you have no clue about what kind of ramen you want and just want to try a variety, consider going to the ramen museum in Shin-Yokohama. There are about 20 different famous ramen stores in one building and you can order mini ramen at to try different types.

by GenS

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