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Hungry? Eat Cup Noodle Ramen in Japan

Fast and Convenient Food in Japan

I warn you first that this post is not really for you if your are a very health conscious person.

One of the most popular quick meal options at the combini, especially among salarymen and male students, is cup noodle. At any combini, you will find a great selection of different noodles to try. They will be filling, especially if you get the larger ones, tasty, quick, and cheap. Every combini has hot water available by the cash register where you can make your noodles. The fun thing about buying cup noodle in Japan is that its not just ramen noodles. Although ramen is the most common form of cup noodle and the most popular, instant udon and yakisoba are also very popular. Ramen cup noodle can be found outside of Japan these days in this globalised world but I think instant udon and yakisoba are still unique to Japan. I definitely recommend you try cup noodle at a combini during your visit. One bowl will not kill you!

by GenS

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