Any fun tip to enjoy the Tsukiji fish market?

Great Sashimi in Japan

Fish Never Tasted So Good in Tokyo

At the tsukiji fish market, you would naturally assue that the best delicacies are made from fish. In fact, there are many other delicacies, unrelated to fish, that you should not miss. All of these are comparatively cheap and have a lot of volume. These places exist to provide cheap but tasty and filling food for fishermen who return from hours of hard labour out at sea in the morning. You will have the greatest selection of food if you go early in the morning. Of course I recommend you try one of the kaisen donburi (rice and raw fish). The sea urchin is always fresh and delicious! I also recommend you try one of the stand up ramen stalls and buy tamagoyaki (egg cooked into cuboidal blocks with soy sause and sugar). Tamagoyaki is a local favourite in Japan and sushi places are known to have the best as they mix fish taste into them. Watching the fishermen negotiating prices for the fish is interesting but I personally focus on the food when I visit Tsukiji.

by GenS

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