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"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町) images

"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町)

If you don't know this small diner, you may hesitate to drop in there or may pass by without noticing it, but once you know it, you will definitely love it and feel like coming back again!"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅), or simply "Ken" (堅), is a small traditional Japanese diner run by a middle-aged J…(379 words)

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You can bake Osenbei yourself ! images

You can bake Osenbei yourself !

Japanese people love “mono-zukuri”. (making things by hand) There are a variety of Shoku-nins (craftsman) as well as craft centers or facilities where you can experience “mono-zukuri” yourself. If you join such an activity, you can sometime enjoy conversations with such craftsman directly and feel …(86 words)

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Smile! :) images

Smile! :)

Smiling is the most important thing you can do when you meet Japanese people. If you know some Japanese greetings like “Ohayou,” and “Kon-nichiwa,” you can use these words for the beginning of conversations. When Japanese people know you try to speak the Japanese language, they feel happy and comfo…(59 words)

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Slowly and Gently images

Slowly and Gently

Some Japanese people get very nervous when they are talked to in English all of a sudden with native pronunciation. Actually I am one of them. J I would be grateful if you can talk to me in English slowly and gently. That would greatly help following conversations. Japanese people usually unders…(92 words)

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