What Japanese snack (O-kashi) do you recommend?

Mochi - different experiences with different flavors

My favorite O-kashi are mochi (Japanese rice cakes) of all different shapes and flavors. These are so fun to eat, because the selection of mochi change depending on the season. During the spring, there is sakuramochi (pink rice cakes with anko inside and a sakura leaf wrapped around the mochi); during the summer, I eat kuzumochi, a sticky and cold mochi; during the fall I eat ohagi (rice cakes with red bean paste); and during the winter, I eat ichigo-daifuku (rice cakes with red bean paste and a strawberry in the middle). Although there are so many different types of mochi, these are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

If visiting Japan, you must try wagashi (Japanese snacks), especially mochi, because of it's mouthwatering taste and interesting texture that will surprise you everytime.

by RieS

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