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Try the Ramen Specialty Dish In Japan

New Ramen Tastes, But Just As Amazing in Japan

All of the options you have to personalize your ramen at a ramen shop make it really tempting to add things to your ramen. However, I recommend any first time user of a ramen shop to try the house specialty, without adding anything extra. The ramen master at ramen places has spent years finding the recipe for his perfect bowl of ramen. It is wise and respectful to first try this. Once you take one bite, then you can add ra-yu or garlic and personalize. Leave making the noodles harder or the soup thicker for the next time you come.

Another thing you could do is try one of the side dishes. My favourite side dish at an Ie-kei ramen place I go to often in Yokohama is the Chashu-don. The Chashu-don is rice with left over blocks of Chashu (port cooked in soy sauce for a loooong time) on top. A little bit of soup added to this donburi from the ramen makes it juuuuust right. Gyoza is also something you might want to order.

Enjoy your time at one of Japan's many wonderful ramen places!

by GenS

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