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Eating great ramen images

Eating great ramen

Ramen is one of the most popular "B-gurume" (B-grade connoisseur) foods in Japan. Many chef's pride themselves for their soup, noodles, and toppings. In addition, it is a food where the chef's often begrudge people - their customers(?!!) - for asking for things differently. Watch the other peopl…(191 words)

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Ramen noodles
"Okowa" is a must-eat! images

"Okowa" is a must-eat!

My favorite Bento place is “Tagosaku,” often found in the basement of big department stores or near the train stations. “Okowa” is Japanese mocha-gome (sticky rice) with various vegetables or beans. I love eating the “gomoku-okowa,” which is the sticky rice with a variety of vegetables and chicken …(91 words)

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Tokyo Train Department store Train station Bento (box meal)
Eat everything you take! images

Eat everything you take!

Although not a rule, from childhood, Japanese children learn that they should not have any left-over food as it is wasteful. Therefore, in order to behave like a local, try to take a small amount of food at a time. As it is an all-you-can-eat, you don't have to worry about not having enough food! T…(89 words)

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15kinds of ONIGIRI (or OMUSUBI) images

15kinds of ONIGIRI (or OMUSUBI)

The rice ball (Onigiri and Omusubi are the same meanings)of the Japanese minisuper (KONBINI)has too many kinds now and continues still increasing day and night. I think that it is a barrier for a foreign tourist most to keep the contents that it is difficult for even a general Japanese to know …(208 words)

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Onigiri (Rice ball) Convenience store Soy sauce Salt Beef Fried rice
Ramen images


Definitely, Ramen! Ramen (Noodle with soup) is one of the most popular foods in Japan, it has some pork or vegitables on top of noodle. Basically, you have a soup choice of miso (red bean paste) or shoyu (soy souce) and can eat with reasonable price. I would say try going to Ramen shop where people…(66 words)

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Soy sauce Ramen noodles Miso
“Sanma” images


A variety of delicious foods are harvested during Autumn season in Japan. “Sanma” is in season during Autumn. Sanma is written as 秋刀魚 in Kanji, which is one of the season words. They can be grilled and served with grated Japanese radish to eat with ponzu sauce. They are delicious!(49 words)

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Let a boiling water cool - for a tasty cup of tea images

Let a boiling water cool - for a tasty cup of tea

In order to pour a tasty cup of tea, you should let a boiling water cool. If you pour boiling water into a teapot directly, the temperature will be too high. Pour boiling water into a teacup first. Especially for high quality sencha and gyokuro, it is important to use a low temperature water (40-50…(106 words)

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Streamers Coffee images

Streamers Coffee

Streamers Coffee has two locations in the Tokyo area: Harajuku and Shibuya. Streamers has a really friendly staff, trendy atmosphere, and delicious coffee served in large mugs. Bonus: They rock at latte art. words)

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Tokyo Shibuya Art Coffee Harajuku
Best Summer Foods in Japan images

Best Summer Foods in Japan

Here is a list of my favorite summer foods in Japan (in no particular order):* Yakiniku (焼肉), or Korean-style barbeque. Although it's available all year around, it somehow just tastes better when cooked and eaten outdoors, especially in the garden or at the beach.* Somen (そうめん) …(239 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Ramen noodles Udon noodles Tempura Horse radish Grilled meat barbeque Okayama Somen noodles Watermelon Tottori Chilled ramen noodles
Have your point card ready images

Have your point card ready

If you happen to have a point card, rebate ticket or coupon for the particular shop, get it out in advance because you won't have time to look for it when you reach the cashier.(35 words)

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Etiquette Ticket
Try not to eat or drink while walking and riding trains! images

Try not to eat or drink while walking and riding trains!

The generally accepted rule of conduct is to not eat or drink on the train and while walking (taking a sip of water or tea is fine). This is because Japanese people tend to be very considerate for other people on the train and streets. They also want to keep the trains and streets clean by not spil…(86 words)

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Train Etiquette Drink Tea
Catering can be extremely easy! images

Catering can be extremely easy!

Take-out can be very easy as long as you know how to say several information in Japanese or simple English. Let's say that you want to take-out pizza. First, you should pick the soba you want by looking at the menu online or on the flyer. Before you call, you should know how to write the addres…(232 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Hotel Roppongi Soba noodles Ebisu
Curry,Tendon & Onigiri for vegetarians images

Curry,Tendon & Onigiri for vegetarians

If you like a Indian curry, I recommend you a vegetable curry with rice or nan. More cheep japanese vegetarian food is a Tendon(rice-bowl with vegetable tempura/flitter) or Onigiri(Musubi). I think it's a fast food & ceep one. If you want to have Tendon, Tenya(天や)shop is ceepest one(about \5…(75 words)

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Convenience store Tempura Fast food Onigiri (Rice ball)
Lunch time to 2 PM at nearby YURAKU-CHO Station images

Lunch time to 2 PM at nearby YURAKU-CHO Station

In Kokusai-forum open square nearby YURAKU-CHO Station in Tokyo, you can get a lunch at food-truck on every day lunch time to 2 PM. It changes every day, you can get a another lunch that is various international foods.(38 words)

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Separate Sticks images

Separate Sticks

Yakiniku at a restaurant will always be grilled by your party, and not by employees. This is different from yakitori (grilled chicken) which is always done by chefs, as it is a more delicate process.One thing to keep in mind, especially when eating in groups where people will be communally tak…(159 words)

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Restaurant Etiquette Shoes Yakitori Slippers Grilled meat barbeque
Tantakatan images


The green shiso leaf, a herb in the mint family, is the base of an interesting alternative Japanese liquor. Personally I prefer it on the rocks with an umeboshi (pickled plum), but you can also mix it with crushed ice, tonic and fresh shiso leaves for a Japanese-style mojito. Part of the fun is get…(66 words)

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Sake (Rice wine) Umeboshi
Sakura images


With the spring comes sakura, the cherry blossoms, and with the sakura comes seasonal sakura-flavoured food and drinks: ice cream, chocolate, beer, tea, salt, frappuccino, you name it. Give them a try!(32 words)

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Tea Beer Cherry blossom Salt Cherry Spring
Denny's here is better than those in the U.S. images

Denny's here is better than those in the U.S.

I like Denny's, and in my opinion, they are better than Denny's restaurants in the U.S. At least, it serves nicer lunch and dinner menus. On the other hand, they don't serve breakfast outside of morning hours. words)

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Tokyo Restaurant
Recommendation at a convenience store images

Recommendation at a convenience store

I personally would recommend the obentos. The obentos sold at convenience stores such as 7 Eleven, Lawson, Family mart have very nutritious selection of bentos. You will always find at least one dish of vegetables, meat and rice. They are all very fresh as well. You could get a bento everyday and y…(75 words)

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Convenience store Bento (box meal) Lawson
Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo images

Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo

I would recommend strongly a restaurant named Torigin. It is a very famous yakitori restaurant in Ginza. They serve the best yakitori I have ever eaten. They not only serve yakitori but also "kamameshi", which is basically Japanese fried rice. It is served in a little iron pot, so stays hot till yo…(75 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Ginza Yakitori Fried rice Kamameshi
Recommendation for where to buy O-kashi in Tokyo images

Recommendation for where to buy O-kashi in Tokyo

There is a very reasonable snack store called "O-kashi no machi". This place sells all the snacks and japanese snacks you could imagine in Japan, for a very reasonable price. You could find "surume ika" which is dried squid or shredded cheese or potato chips and many more.(48 words)

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Teppanyaki at Seryna! images

Teppanyaki at Seryna!

My family and I enjoy going to Seryna, a teppanyaki (cooking with an iron griddle) Kobe beef restaurant in Kannai, Yokohama. You will get high quality beef with excellent flavoring and service. The chefs have to train for a decade before being able to cook in front of the customers. In this restaur…(118 words)

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Tokyo Train Restaurant Yokohama Shinjuku Ginza Roppongi Art Beef Kobe
How to Maintain the Perfect Balance Between Noodles and Sauce in Japan images

How to Maintain the Perfect Balance Between Noodles and Sauce in Japan

A key when eating zaru-udon (udon on a bamboo net that you dip into sauce) is to avoid dipping the udon too much. This does require some chopstick skills but what you want to aim for is dipping your udon in the sause just enough so its tasty but not too much that all you taste is the sauce. The noo…(147 words)

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Udon noodles Japan Eat Chopstick
A major "craft" beer images

A major "craft" beer

Japan's readily available beers are all of the same light lager category; Kirin, Asahi, Suntory, and Sapporo. While there are slight variations in each, such as a black beer from each maker, IPA, stouts, etc are not easy to find. One beer however that is somewhat crafty that is conveniently availab…(120 words)

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Beer Tokyo Drink Roppongi Sapporo
The two processes you should know images

The two processes you should know

In general, ramen stores have two distinct ways of ordering. Some stores have ticket machines at the entrance or outside the store. By looking at the menu, you should pick a ramen that you like, insert the money and press the botton with the ramen that corresponds to the one want to try. Then, brin…(138 words)

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Restaurant Ticket Ramen noodles Ticket machine
You can eat and drink in some trains! images

You can eat and drink in some trains!

Shinkansen is OK. Romance Car is OK.Basically, you can eat and drink sitting in box seats, but there are some exception ; Yurikamome is not suitable.Commuter trains are not suitable.When you find a vendor selling Obento by a cargo in train, definitely you can eat there. You need t…(55 words)

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Moo Moo

Train Etiquette Drink Shinkansen Bullet Train
another use of O-shibori! images

another use of O-shibori!

Most of Japanese male would wipe his face before his hands!It may not be a good manner, but we do. We feel no stranger on you when finding you do so. It is also useful when you spilt over your drink on a table!(45 words)

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Moo Moo

Etiquette Drink
Free! images


"Gari" : Sliced ginger soaked in little sweetened vinegar. This is free!(11 words)

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Moo Moo

Sushi Vinegar
Like a dawn man images

Like a dawn man

Eat by your hand, no chopstick.Pick a sushi, turn upside down, dip half of sashimi portion in soy sauce slightly, and throw a whole sushi into your mouth.You need to pick a sushi gently, otherwise it's gonna be mess.Good sushi master will make the sushi delicately, so easy to come apart.(54 words)

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Moo Moo

Restaurant Sushi Soy sauce Sashimi (Raw fish) Chopstick
so many choices! images

so many choices!

Yakitori : You may be asked, “tare” (sweet say sauce) or “shio” (salt) for flavor.Kushi-age : Deep fried vegetable, meat and fishes. It's like deep fried pinchos. You are not allowed to dip it in a source pod twice or more!Tori-kara-age : Deep fried chicken.Sashimi-moriawase : Variety o…(65 words)

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Moo Moo

Drink Udon noodles Izakaya Salt Sashimi (Raw fish) Onigiri (Rice ball) Yakitori Karaage (Fried chicken) Tsukemono (Japanese pickles) Ochazuke
Near Omotesando images

Near Omotesando

“The Celler Grill W” (, wine bar, at Omotesando. Very reasonable wines, choosing bottles by yourself. You can buy the bottles and pay 500yen for glass, then drink. It is said the price of bottles is same as retail price a…(117 words)

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Moo Moo

Tokyo Drink Wine
Amazing! Simple recipe, but ~~~. images

Amazing! Simple recipe, but ~~~.

"Toritama(酉玉)" ( at Shirogane. 10 min walk from Hiroo Station. Booking necessary. Chicken meat is not just one kind meat. The Yakitori master cut and divide into more than 30 parts from chicken meat, and we can enjoy its original taste and texture. "Torigoya(鳥小屋)…(89 words)

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Moo Moo

Tokyo Yakitori
Deep and amazing sake world! images

Deep and amazing sake world!

Sake is most unique and amazing alcohol in world. The taste and scent changes by its temperature drastically. Most of people drink it by cold temperature, same as in fridge, then you feel dry, sometimes sharp, taste with soft sweetness. Some people call it Rice Wine, yes it is like wine when yo…(126 words)

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Moo Moo

Drink Sake (Rice wine) Wine
Finish in 5 minutes images

Finish in 5 minutes

You choose what you’re gonna eat by pictures or plastic samples and buy a ticket at vending machine. Hand the ticket to a counter and wait for minutes and receive the soba and bring wherever you find your space. Put some “shichimi”, blend of seven hot spices, get your chopsticks and eat! Don’t …(68 words)

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Moo Moo

Ticket Soba noodles Tempura
Fresh Fresh Fresh - Farmers Markets in Tokyo images

Fresh Fresh Fresh - Farmers Markets in Tokyo

For those who like fresh fruits and veggies here is a nice link to a site where you can details on and schedules of the various farmers markets around Tokyo.Link: hunting!(38 words)

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Tokyo Fruits
Make sure they serve the flavor ramen you like! images

Make sure they serve the flavor ramen you like!

The most important thing to consider when looking for a ramen shop is what to make sure they serve the ramen broth flavor you prefer. As a basic guideline, there are three common types of ramen broth: Tonkotsu/Pork FlavorShoyu/Soy Sauce FlavorMiso FlavorWhile some Ramen restaurants serv…(89 words)

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Soy sauce Ramen noodles Miso Specialty store
Vinegar, the cure all! images

Vinegar, the cure all!

When you go and eat ramen, at almost every single place, you will notice that they have 3 bottles of sauce at the table. One is dark, which is soy sauce, one is red chili oil, and the other clear one is vinegar. When I eat ramen, I always take a small spoonful of soup and pour some vinegar in i…(162 words)

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Vinegar Soy sauce Ramen noodles Rugby football
Check out Lipovitan! images

Check out Lipovitan!

Lipovitan is a small energy drink that comes in a bottle with a gold cap. They cost under 200 yen and are an effective energy drink without all of the liquid that western energy drinks have.(35 words)

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Try Okonomiyaki and a Chuu Hai images

Try Okonomiyaki and a Chuu Hai

Okonomiyaki is an awesome Japanese dish that is basically a pancake filled with cabbage, meats, and whatever else you'd like. In the Tokyo area, okonomiyaki tends to be thinner, whereas in the Kyoto/Osaka region they get much thicker.Chuu Hais are a japanese interperation of the Highball drink …(72 words)

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Tokyo Drink Kyoto Osaka Izakaya Shochu Okonomiyaki Region
Rich and hoppy images

Rich and hoppy

Japanese beer tends to have a richer taste than beer in the USA. Recently dark brew and beer with a strong flavor of hops have been produced by the major Japanese brands.(32 words)

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