How do I select rice balls (onigiri) at convenience stores?

15kinds of ONIGIRI (or OMUSUBI)

The rice ball (Onigiri and Omusubi are the same meanings)of the Japanese minisuper (KONBINI)has too many kinds now and continues still increasing day and night.

I think that it is a barrier for a foreign tourist most to keep the contents that it is difficult for even a general Japanese to know all under control.

I sort 15 kinds considered to be common in that and write down Japanese notation and the content here.

The person whom we want to challenge prints here out and clips it out, and let's take it to a KONBINI!

cut- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

いくら Egg of the salmon soaked in soy sauce
梅 Salty Plum Pickles
おかか Shaved Dried Bonito
焼肉/カルビ Oriental style Roasted Beef,
五目 The mixing rice which five kinds of ingredients materials were in
昆布/日高昆布 Kombu Seaweed soaked in soy sauce
塩むすび Plane(Salt Only)
鮭 Baked Salmon
高菜 Chinese mustard pickle
たまごかけご飯 The raw egg soy sauce taste that mixed well
たらこ Cod roe
炒飯 Chinese Fried rice
ツナマヨ Mayonnaised tuna flake
野沢菜 Brassica campestris(Nozawana, cole preserved in salt)
明太子 Hot seasoned cod roe


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