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Where can you buy a Kimono for a good price in Japan? images

Where can you buy a Kimono for a good price in Japan?

I love to wear Kimono to weddings and parties in Japan. It is also really fun to get dressed up early on a Saturday morning and spend the day at Midtown or Shinjuku Gyouen in Kimono. You would be very surprised at how easy it is to wear and how comfortable the little zori slippers are. You will fee…(190 words)


Separate Sticks images

Separate Sticks

Yakiniku at a restaurant will always be grilled by your party, and not by employees. This is different from yakitori (grilled chicken) which is always done by chefs, as it is a more delicate process.One thing to keep in mind, especially when eating in groups where people will be communally tak…(159 words)

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Turn the slippers around! images

Turn the slippers around!

It is usually polite to use slippers instead of walk in bare feet or with socks on. When you take your slippers off, to enter a room, you should slip them off quietly and carefully and turn them around so that you (or someone else) can slip it on later with ease.(52 words)

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Show me your socks, and I'll tell if if you have a tear images

Show me your socks, and I'll tell if if you have a tear

When in Japan, there will be many occasions to take your shoes off:visiting a lab? take off your shoesa temple: off they goa Japanese restaurant: all shoes stay at the entranceJapanese people are socks freaks. They have all kind of colors and patterns. 5 fingers's socks, tabi-esque 2 fi…(149 words)

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Bathroom slippers images

Bathroom slippers

The most important thing to remember when you use bathroom slippers: Don't forget to take them off when you finish using the restroom. it is sometimes very difficult to remember, because you were wearing room slippers before you went in. The faux pas is going to get caught pretty quickly - the ba…(99 words)

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Change slippers for the toilet! images

Change slippers for the toilet!

Do not wear your room slippers into the toilet area, this will really annoy people. Use the provided toilet slippers.(20 words)

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Japanese Bed and Breakfast Manners images

Japanese Bed and Breakfast Manners

Japanese bed and breakfast facilities resemble their British bread and breakfast lodgings, but often with several differences. Many Japanese establishments offer both dinner and breakfast. Before arrival, make sure which meals are offered. More often than not, "breakfast" will beJapanese st…(177 words)

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