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Andrew Grimes

Andrew's a JSCCP licensed Clinical Psychologist, a qualified JFP Psychotherapist and the CEO of Tokyo Counseling Services. Past times and future times include living, working, writing and being walked by a labrador named Pooka in Tokyo Japan.

In 2012 I created a charity called APRICOT (Allied Psychotherapy Relief Initiative for the Children of Tohoku) which as of 2014 was awarded NPO status from the Tokyo Government and so is now APRICOT NPO.

APRICOT's mission is set in our hearts and minds: that we will together volunteer and work to protect the mental health and the healthy emotional and psychological development of the Children of the Tohoku Region over the coming seventeen years, that is until all of them enjoy their Coming of Age Days, when they will become young adults, living healthy and happy young lives.

If you are kindly enjoying my posts here please consider making a donation to help the children of Tohoku receive the professional mental health care they need and deserve. Thank you and please enjoy, Andrew


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