APRICOT NPO Giving to the land that gives so much to guests from abroad.

The APRICOT is an officially registered NPO for the children of Tohoku (East Japan)

APRICOT is now officially APRICOT NPO!

Let’s start the October newsletter with some good news. As of October 21st, the APRICOT is an officially registered NPO. We now have to pay a final visit to Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s legal section to sign (or rather “hanko”) a document, which will then confirm APRICOT NPO as a fully legal entity in Japan tasked with supporting the mental healthcare of children in Tohoku.

APRICOT is the Allied Psychotherapy Relief Initiative for the Children of Tohoku

The APRICOT’s mission is long term, with a commitment to supporting children and their families in Tohoku until each child affected by 3/11 and its aftermath reaches their Coming of Age Day as healthy and happy adults. Becoming an NPO is a major step in helping us achieve that aim.

We would like to say a very heartfelt “thank you” to each and every one of the many people who have helped the APRICOT so far. We hope you will continue to work with us in the many years ahead. To make your donations to this program, to make a real contribution to the mental health treatment and emotional and psychological of these children of Tohoku here are the details to help you decide the easiest way for you to donate for the children’s sake:

By Credit Card Online:
Credit Card donations can simply be made online by credit card through our “Winter Campaign for the Children in Tohoku.” fundraising project:


Team Apricot Children Official Donation Page:

Direct Deposits
APRICOT has started accepting donations domestically and internationally.

Personal Donations ¥1,000 ~

Corporal Donations ¥10,000 ~

Domestic Deposit Bank Account Information

Bank Account Name: APRICOT

Bank Name: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ

Bank Branch and Number: Higashimatsubara Branch,319

三菱東京UFJ 東松原支店#319

Account Number: 0031109

International Deposit Bank Account Information

*An IBAN is not applicable for this bank account and therefore is not needed to make an international bank transfer.

Bank Account Name: APRICOT Grimes Andrew

Bank Name: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.

Bank Branch and Number: Higashi Matsubara Branch, 319


Account Number: 319-0031109

Bank Address: 5-28-18 Matsubara Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan 156-0043

APRICOT Ambassadors reports on a working visit to Fukushima. 
Two of our 'APRICOT Ambassadors', in this case two clinical psychologists, recently returned from a two-day trip to Date City in Fukushima, where she and he were working with elderly residents (aged 60 to 91) and also mothers and young children (11 months to 3 years). The city is located 60 km from TEPCO's Daiichi nuclear plant, and from listening to their report, it is clear that the fear of radiation is having a major impact on the mental health of people in the city. Here are a few of her thoughts after the trip:

“We were involved with these groups by invitation from the president of the Fukushima Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists. We did what we could with a team of psychotherapists and local community nurses in only two days, enjoying the group’s company but also identifying people and children who have developmental problems already or who are at risk of developing mental and physical disorders. During the trip we learned that there is far more that needs to be done than we could do in just two days. This will not be unfamiliar to health care workers in Fukushima Prefecture.

We were also struck by something else. The streets were eerie with the absence of children playing in them. In fact, there were few adults and no children to be seen outdoors. Many children are smaller than they should be for their age in terms of body mass and bone and muscle development. This is because parents fear that radiation levels over time could make their children ill, and so mothers are staying indoors and not letting their children out. It’s very clear to see the fear and the trauma that people are still living through in Fukushima after the disaster, even though three and a half years have passed.”

Japan is one of the most precious, beautiful and graceful countries in the world to visit and the Japanese people are warmed by your wanting to come and enjoy all the delights, both modern and traditional, they are only too pleased to assist you in any way you need help in traveling and enjoying your dream sojourn during your stay amongst them. You will experience and hospitality which is unrivaled worldwide. By giving a little back through donating to the recovery of the children in Tohoku and help restore Tohoku to one of the most beautiful regions throughout the many wonderful regions in Japan can be a great way for you to say “arigatou” (thank you) to your hosts who want your stay here with us to be one of the most remarkable and memorable vacations of your lives. Thank you for your kind consideration for the children.

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Andrew Grimes

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