The Plum Blossoms are the tough guys...

Apricot & Plum Blossoms are the tough guys, they push the snow, they stand firm in rainstorms....

People think of Japan and many think of Cherry Blossoms first. Actually Apricot and Plum Blossoms are the tough guys, they push past the snow, they stand firm in rainstorms and endure the rainstorms...

Posting this photo was inspired by a kind Facebook Friend who had spotted the early plum blossoms in America... this photo I took in my local park (koen) nearly 3 years ago .... on 10th Japan, 3.11. The people in the Hanegi Park just as in all parks in the south of Japan at that time of year were enjoying viewing and taking photos of the fresh new plum and early budding cherry trees

(愛) Love (平和) Hope (希望) Peace ... what more do you need? A flower is called hana in Japanese and the same sound for nose, different kanji. The flower 'hana' is represented by this kanji, '(花).

'Good morning to the half of the world that is just waking up.. don't sit around staring at a computer, go and have a great day!

You can get to Hanegi Koen on the Odakyu Line in Shinjuku Station. Your stop is called Umegaoka Koen (Ume means plum and Koen is park) and is 7 - 10 minutes on the Odakyu Line depending on whether it is a local or express train. When you get to Umegaoka Station ask the station staff at the only exit/entrance for Hanegi Koen. It's then about 2/3 minutes walk from station to park and most people walking in the opposite direction to you may well have flowers in their hands! (; It is not the biggest park in Tokyo but is a delight as a community park that has one of the best range of various plum and cherry trees anywhere, as well as hosting lots of festivals and commercial flower stalls at amazingly cheap. Kids, dogs, it's a fun place to enjoy the whole day before heading for one of the excellent sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

by Andrew Grimes

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