Enospa Sojourn Part 3: “The true meaning of massage and Enoshima Island Spa Bengteng Spa”

Pure Relaxation ...

... My partner chose to experience the Signature Massage" (see Enospa Sojourn Part 2) ... I went for the 40 minute massage which focuses on the feet mostly going as far as the knees. This was a real foot massage by a kind and polite yet very strong armed professional massage therapist My partner opted to experience the 60 minute "Signature Massage". She emerged from the Signature, feeling light and totally rested. Her reflection,

"First I chose the fragrance named "龍(dragon - pronounced ryuu)" which is a grapefruit based body oil. And then I was shown into the the massage room which is well named as the Balinese Room. As soon as I entered the room it felt like being in the Balinese 'atmosphere', as I felt as if I was in Bali itself. It started with the bell ringing and my body was wrapped with  "龍" and massaging with long slow strokes.

Actually it felt so short for an hour and during the hour I felt an hour of bliss for that one hour. The massage therapist was very skillful, truly excellent and she was very pretty. I enjoyed myself for the first time in many years."

And finally rested and rejuvenated you can finish your sojourn away from Tokyo by spending as much time as you like in the viewing lounge to enjoy a refreshing cup of herbal tea of your choice while gazing out on recliners the large double windows that hold a commanding view of the causeway and the beyond the Enoshima sands, looking forward to your first cappuccino of the day hitting just the right spot. (;

by Andrew Grimes

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