Coordinates: 35°43′48″N 139°42′40″E / 35.73000°N 139.71111°E / 35.73000; 139.71111 Ikebukuro (池袋, [ikebu͍ku͍ɽo]) is a commercial and entertainment district in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan. Toshima ward offices, Ikebukuro station, and several shops, restaurants, and enormous department stores are located within city limits.

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Junkudo Books - Ikebukuro Station East Exit images

Junkudo Books - Ikebukuro Station East Exit

Junkudo is a very big bookstore (about 10 stories high) with everything from magazines to children's books to best sellers to the classics. There is a whole floor given over to English books only. One nice feature in this very nice store is that there a chairs dotted around the whole building on ev…(113 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Ikebukuro in tokyo, there is a legend that Kishibojin. images

Ikebukuro in tokyo, there is a legend that Kishibojin.

Away from IkebukuroThere is a town called Zōshigaya.There is a candy shop there.The shop is called “DA-GA-SHI-YA=駄菓子屋”.There is a children's playground.Delicious is not, but it is interesting sweets.In Japan, the candy has been entertained as a toy.In its place, there is a…(137 words)

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Cat Café Nekorobi images

Cat Café Nekorobi

With such rich diversity residing within Tokyo, this makes the city a true melting pot of ideas, culture, and concepts. One of the most novel and cutest café concepts that I have seen here is called the Cat Café Nekorobi which is located in Ikebukuro Tokyo. This is not just a place decked out in c…(338 words)

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That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa. images

That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa.

Do you know the Japanese drama "Ikebukuro West Gate Park"?There is a park that became famous for its drama.Around that, there is an Asian restaurant called Murray Chang,There is a pasta restaurant called Giyottone.You can eat in about 1000 yen lunch.Cheap and delicious restaurant …(116 words)

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Efficient use of space images

Efficient use of space

Tokyo, a metropolitan area with something over 30 million people living within a 60km radius from its center, is obviously crowded. Space here is definitely a premium commodity.There are many places where careful observation reveals some pretty creative use of space. There are some extremely …(282 words)

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Everything about Trains between Yokohama and Tokyo images

Everything about Trains between Yokohama and Tokyo

Born and raised in Yokohama, I know a lot about trains running between Yokohama and Tokyo. Here is a list of each of the trains with shorts explanations.JR1. The Tokaido LineThe Tokaido line is the fastest way to get from Yokohama to Tokyo. Between Yokohama station and Shinagawa station, it…(425 words)

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Fun Places to Chill with Animals images

Fun Places to Chill with Animals

As with many people around the world, Japanese people also love animals and love to own pets. However with limited space and most people living in apartments or small houses, sometimes owning a pet is not allowed or is not an option for those animal lovers.One source of animal happiness people …(396 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Take Yamanote Line!!! images

Take Yamanote Line!!!

Enjoy an excursion by taking Yamanote Line. You should watch this video before your journey.http://vimeo.com/68420684 Tokyo Loop Line〔東京(Tokyo)-有楽町(Yurakucho)-新橋(Shinbashi)-浜松町(Hamamatsucho)-田町(Tamachi)-品川(Shinagawa)-大崎(Osaki)-五反田(Gotanda)-目黒(Megu…(51 words)

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Ikebukuro is downtown. and.. images

Ikebukuro is downtown. and..

Ikebukuro is downtown.You will buy products cheaply in Ikebukuro. The same as those sold in Shibuya.Shop in the old building, You can buy a cheap and good products.Since the old building is cheap rent,Products can also be sold cheaply. Japanese I think.The building named Sunshin…(106 words)

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