Enospa Sojourn Part 1: “Far from the madding Tokyo crowd at Enoshima Island Spa”

“Take the trains to Enospa for the fastest route to relaxation from Tokyo strains”

Some days, even on one of those lovely sunny mid-winter days that Tokyo is often blessed with, it can still feel too close and up in your face to contemplate another day of stress and strain in the maddening Tokyo streets.

When you feel like that, especially when mulling over your first cappuccino of the day is not hitting its usual spot, this definitely should be the day you make your way out to Enoshima Island Spa, a four floor palisade dedicated solely to health, stress reduction and your personal relaxation.

When you feel like looking up at the Tokyo sky trapped within its narrow streets and overladen with electric cables, mull no longer, this should be the day you make your way out to Enoshima Island Spa. Leaving from Tokyo the best way is to get there is by catching one of the Odakyu Line’s Express or Rapid Express trains that leave at very regular intervals from platforms 4 and 5 of Shinjuku Station which is the Tokyo terminus of the Odakyu Line.

These trains are really fast and will soon have taken you the greater part of your journey to Enoshima. As you get closer you'll need to make changes to the local line trains (all part of the Okakyu Line Company) to your destination of Katase Enoshima station.

Go straight out of the station and you will see the Tourist Information Office which is actually located on the corner of the 80 metre long pedestrian causeway bridge that will lead you directly to Enoshima Island Spa. There are also regular and free shuttle buses to and from Katase Enoshima and The Enoshima Island Spa if you don't want to walk. If you get your timing right you should be able to arrive at Katese Enoshima in just over an hour. As soon as you take your first breathe of clean sea air you’ll already be glad you made the journey. To help get the timing right there are several Googleable train directories in English. For example the very simple yet accurate:

Train Route Finder by Jurodan Co. Ltd.:

by Andrew Grimes

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