Inspired by Starbucks - a Shimokitazawa cafe

Relaxing and cool cafe lives up to its name

From the outside it looks like just another one of the ubiquitous standard designed Tokyo cafes with rows of heartlessly wrapped cellophane sandwiches, boring buns and plastic cheesecakes. The food is good and tasty, and my dog is particularly fond of a slice of apple and cinnamon pie with vanilla ice-cream. You can leave you dog outside the back entrance while she guards you seat because it is your turn to get the drinks. And drinks doesn't just mean coffee or the freshly squeezed tasting orange juice. This Starship class of Starbucks serves beer, wine and spirits too. When you go in you will be delighted to find all preconceptions should be left outside on Ochanamizadori.

The half sofas and armchairs are comfortable and good for talking with friends or just relaxing and reading a book. A ten seat table top desk is connected up for the laptop brigade to stay connected to the matrix over a generously sized cup (yes, real cups). There are several wi-fi services available, including Starbucks own free service.

Inspired by Starbucks is one of the newly redesigned STARBUCKS RESERVE™ cafes that are springing up throughout Tokyo. This one is within a 5 minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station where the Odakyu and Inogashira lines intersect. This routemap to this one in Shimokitazawa can easily be found through Starbucks 'Store Locator' in English(look for Daizawa 5 chome): http://www.starbucks.co.jp/en/search/
Inside the cafe looks like it was a stables converted into a trendy pub with a lot of care put into choosing the lighting which is relaxing and warm.

by Andrew Grimes

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