Fujiya Hotel: A Resort Hotel in Hakone, a Hot Spring Resort Outside Tokyo.

Fujiya Hotel Hakone-Yumoto ~ (Part 2) : ~ Autumn and Winter ~

Wherever you are in the Fujiya Hotel you are traveling through time, everyday time of course but eras of the passed times that this hotel has lived through since 1878.

In Autumn it is mellow, warm daytimes and some of the most beautiful 'changes of the autumn leaves' you can ever hope to see. All the area around the Fujita Hotel is covered in the type of colourful foliage that even movies with all the cgi and high tech at their fingertips, if they were foolish to try,would have no chance of even scratching the surface of the inherent beauty of Hakone's renowned Autumn leaves changing that cascades in shades of gold, red, and grey brown up and down, and down and up the mountains, hills and valleys.

However the Fujiya Hotel is never at a loss to move you and give you experiences that you have never had before, and it is for me its most enchanting time is the Winter

Fujiya Hotel Hakone-Yumoto ~ (Part 2) : ~ Autumn and Winter ~

The hot spring can be booked for about 45 minutes and its warm marbled veined stone puts you in the mood to relax before you have even set a single toe in the perfectly hot bath. This is a hot spring bath with a purity and an erotic edge to it at the same time.

Families and couples can book the bath for their exclusive use and during you time you would never be disturbed for a second. So you have it all to yourselves to soak, laze, float and bathe and release all the pent up stress and strains of life in Tokyo, Japan or wherever you hail from. In fact after soaking, after a while you won't remember or care where you came from. This is a precious timeless time of pure sensuality that you are more than happy to give yourself over to.

Oh, and if you just book it for yourself you will not feel alone as the photos show. That's what I love about Japan, just when you thought you had seen ....

Fujiya Hotel Hakone-Yumoto ~ (Part 2) : ~ Autumn and Winter ~

The photos of the outdoor scenes were all taken within the Fujiya Hotel's elegant traditional Japanese garden blended in with that precious timeless time feeling that follows you around wherever you go in the hotel, with not a sign of Jack Nicolson to be found anywhere in sight .... and you are not the only guests in Winter in the Fujiya Hotel. It's popularity revolves around with the natural symmetry of the seasons.

It is a hotel where you can spend the days just lounging around, have tea and cakes in the Orchid tea house; enjoying the amazingly delicious and wonderful and most delicately presented main course dinner in the evening at the renowned Kikka-so Inn. For breakfast you can choose the French restaurant or "the general Western-style restaurant" the Wisteria. So you have the choice of Western or Japanese breakfasts depending on which restaurant you choose.

So, the Fujiya Hotel has it all except the photo on the wall, but John Lennon ...

by Andrew Grimes

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