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I organize a tour operator of Papua New Guinea for Japanese. On the other hand I join at several social activities based in my home town at the East end of Tokyo. In addition to that I enjoy scuba diving at some places in Japan too. I hope I could upload cool topics.

Ohanami in Tokyo images

Ohanami in Tokyo

If you have time now you should go to Yasukuni shrine and Chidorigafuchi beside of Kitanomaru park. A lot of Cherry blossom trees blooming now. Tomorrow will be rain so you should go now! You have casual Japanese good with sake for dinner at Yasukuni shrine. If you have time now just go!(53 words)

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Tokyo Park Cherry blossom Jinjya (Shrine) Sake (Rice wine) Cherry Dinner Chidorigafuchi
Why Japanese seafood so good images

Why Japanese seafood so good

Seaweed art learned by NPO who try to teach ecology through seaweed; underwater forest. Japan is the islands country in temperate zone and it's rich sea hold much seaweed brings up many fish and creatures. That is one of the reason of rich Japanese seafood. You can also taste many kinds of seaweed …(102 words)

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Seafood Art Sea Miso Miso soup Oden Zone diving seaweed