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The Three Wise Monkeys images

The Three Wise Monkeys

Ever since I was little, storybooks, cartoons, and popular culture, have depicted the story of The Three Wise Monkeys. You know the image, three monkeys sitting there; one covering his ears, another covering his mouth, and the third covering his eyes. In the western world, we often relate this to t…(356 words)

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World Heritage Site Nikko Tera (Temple) Park Visit Jinjya (Shrine) Art Souvenir Monkey Three Wise Monkeys
Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture images

Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture

Often said to be Japan's best example of a complete fortress castle, Himeji Castle is a picturesque beauty, sitting atop a hill in Hyogo Prefecture. It is often referred to as either a white egret or heron, referring to its white exterior and elegant shape, much like a great bird in flight.Som…(280 words)

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Castle Hyogo Himeji Castle Building Bus Beauty World Heritage Site Mie
Destination: Amakusa, Sea Cruise! images

Destination: Amakusa, Sea Cruise!

Are you having a hard time finding something fun to do with your family, loved ones or just on your own, while traveling in Kyushu? Don’t look further, your destination is Amakusa in Kumamoto prefecture! Here you can find the Sea Cruise sightseeing agency with its unique marine cruise services and …(283 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Sea Cruise Japan Restaurant English Shopping Trip Beauty Kyushu World Heritage Site
Tokyo's Tropical islands images

Tokyo's Tropical islands

Tokyo's outer islands are very diverse. Most of them are volcanic and some of them are quite far from the main part of Tokyo. Most of the main islands are accessible from Takeshiba Pier, where you can find Tokyo's main ferry terminal. Many of the main islands are also accessible by plane, from C…(302 words)

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Tokyo Beaches Airport Kanagawa Okinawa World Heritage Site Atami Shizuoka
Himeji Castle images

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle in Kansai (an hour or so from Osaka) is a UNESCO world heritage site, and the most visited castle in Japan FOR A REASON- in my opinion the most impressive man-made site to see in the country. Learn about Japanese history, architecture and aesthetic culture in one place, and think of h…(82 words)

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Osaka History Kansai World Heritage Site Castle Himeji Castle
Miyajima- Hiroshima prefecture images

Miyajima- Hiroshima prefecture

Miyajima scenery well-known from the guide book or typical image of Japan.Although it's very famous scenery, many people don't know it's in the Hiroshima prefecture.Miyajima was build 9century and it was build traditional Japanese way which has not using any nails.They maintain not using any …(60 words)

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Hiroshima World Heritage Site
1-hour small yet great trip from Kyoto Station – Toji Temple images

1-hour small yet great trip from Kyoto Station – Toji Temple

My favorite spot in Kyoto is Toji Temple, a world heritage site which has history of 1,200 years!Located within 15-minute walking distance from Kyoto station (1 Kujo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto City), it is easy to access. As everybody knows the famous temple, you can ask anyone for the direction on the …(126 words)

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Trip Kyoto Tera (Temple) City History Taxicab World Heritage Site To-ji Temple
Mt. Fuji Station #5 (Fuji Subaru Line) images

Mt. Fuji Station #5 (Fuji Subaru Line)

Mt. Fuji, as most of us know, is the highest peak in Japan, standing at 3,776 m (12,388 ft) and it is a very popular tourist destination, with an estimated 320,000 climbers scaling the mountain during the two month summer season (from July 1st to August 31st) annually. The mountain's new new statu…(547 words)

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English Mount Fuji Mountain Mt Fuji 5th Station Shizuoka Summer Tera (Temple) Trip World Heritage Site Yamanashi
Surprise Views of Mount Fuji images

Surprise Views of Mount Fuji

Japan's highest peak, the iconic Mount Fuji was designated UNESCO World Heritage in June 2013. You can experience Mount Fuji during the short climbing season in the summer months, but you might spot it on any day of the year."Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration: The beauty …(287 words)

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Mount Fuji World Heritage Site view Art
Nikko – breathtaking shrines, temples, and landscape images

Nikko – breathtaking shrines, temples, and landscape

5 things to do in Nikko“Nikko is one of the most historically significant cities in Japan, situated between the mountains of north Tokyo. The city is located in very close proximity to the Nikko National Park, which offers great views of the mountain peaks, as well as numerous waterfalls and ho…(466 words)

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World Heritage Site Nature Nikko Hiking Jinjya (Shrine) Tera (Temple) national park Matome