Destination: Amakusa, Sea Cruise!

Daily dolphin watching tours,

Are you having a hard time finding something fun to do with your family, loved ones or just on your own, while traveling in Kyushu? Don’t look further, your destination is Amakusa in Kumamoto prefecture! Here you can find the Sea Cruise sightseeing agency with its unique marine cruise services and a beautiful, modern shopping, restaurant area, L`isola Terrace, as its base.
Among the attractions are dolphin watching cruises, other sea cruises, wake boarding and sea kayak, which you can enjoy here at this location blessed with wonderful natural beauty.


Daily dolphin watching tours, several other sea cruise tours, wakeboarding and sea kayak.

Who doesn’t like or want to see dolphins, playfully swimming along a nice, air-conditioned boat, while having the helpful local tour guides giving you some extra information about the area by English, the surrounding little islands or the dolphins itself. Before you’d worry about having to use the bathroom on the 2 hour long boat trip, be at peace, all boats are equipped with nice, clean toilets.
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Amakusa wedding plans

Recently, more and more people are traveling to Asia for their weddings.
There are special Amakusa wedding plans on offer, which allow you to have your photographs taken against the backdrop of Amakusa's beautiful natural landscape or historic World Heritage sites before your wedding and show the photographs at your reception. If you're considering getting married in Japan, look no further than Amakusa!
A wedding ceremony amid Amakusa's stunning natural scenery will surely be an unforgettable memory for you and your guests!


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