Chiba Prefecture - Where Tokyoites like to escape the busy city

Boso Peninsula & Tokyo Bay

Explore the Minami Boso Peninsula

"Jump on the bus from Tokyo Station for the scenic 90-minute ride through the city, over the famous Rainbow Bridge, and the unique Aqua Line expressway to the south of the Chiba Peninsula. There are many different and unique things to do there that visitors are not able to experience in Tokyo."


Drive to Chiba via Umi Hotaru

"The main attraction, of course, is on the 5th floor deck where visitors are treated to a panorama of view of the bay. On clear days, one can see both the skyline of Tokyo and the industrial coast of Chiba. Umi Hotaru sits very close to the approach path to Haneda airport, so if conditions are right, you can see approaching aircraft coming in for landing."

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Hiking with views of Mt. Fuji & riding at the beach

Hiking up Nokogiriyama

"Climbing Nokogiriyama was not too difficult. Most of the path ways were not too steep, so people of all ages from young ones to elders can enjoy visiting this mountain... visiting on a nice clear day is the best for scenic viewing. From the top you can actually see across to Tokyo, and when its very clear you may even get to see Mount Fuji."

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Riding near the ocean

" Short walk on horse and reach the beach...excited! Also a bit of surprise because even if it's off-season of swimming, there are lots of people surfing, walking with dogs and children etc. When there's nothing to disturb on the sand beach (like children, dogs, bikes or surfers...) there's no limit on how far you can canter."

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Narita City sightseeing & local sake brewery visit

Walk from Narita Station to Shinshoji Temple

"On the way to the temple from the train station, you will never feel bored, as the main street to the temple, called "Omotesando", is the main attraction of visiting the temple. Traditional style wooden buildings stand along the street as shops, local food stores etc. What we can find on the street are interesting and some are rare even for us, local Japanese."

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Sake brewery visit near Narita City

"Have you ever visited Shisui Town near Narita City in Chiba? The place is named after a popular story about a well where sake seemed to have sprang up. There is a long established (300 years old) sake brewery in the beautiful rice field countryside... After the factory visit, enjoy the tasting of several different sake and have a lunch at the traditional Japanese house style café.”

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