Visiting Nokogiriyama

Beautiful Mountain With a Fierce Name

Earlier this month I was able to visit a mountain a bit further from my normal territory, in Chiba prefecture. Nokogiriyama is located in Futtsu, South Western Chiba, and the name of the mountain translates to "Saw Mountain" due to the mountain region running from East to West creating a saw-toothed profile.

Despite it's fierce name, climbing this mountain was very enjoyable. Riding the rope way at the bottom to the mid area of the mountains takes less than 3 minutes. From the top of the rope way you can easily climb to the top within few minutes. The area at the peak has an amazing mountain view and a nice rest area to relax. This mountain has much more than just a view though, it facilitates many different interesting attractions.

Several Awe-Inspiring Destinations

Continuing on the path will lead you deeper into the mountain, and perhaps even higher. One point of interest would be Jigokunozoki, or "Peek into Hell." This is a cliff at the edge of a mountain where you are able to look straight down from very high up. Probably not the interest of those with fear of heights, but if you can handle it climbing to that point it is quite thrilling. I have a mild fear of heights, and looking down from that cliff I can swear I saw a peek into the abyss.

There's also a temple, the Nihon-ji on the west side of the mountain, where you can visit the largest post-modern stone carved daibutsu or giant Buddha statue. There are also 1500 hand carved arhat statues to look at. This relaxing yet inspiring temple is definitely worth visiting. With all these spots Nokogiriyama is a very popular and culture filled destination to visit.

Easy and Enjoyable Climb

It was great to be outdoors in nature and on top of that climbing Nokogiriyama was not too difficult. Most of the path ways were not too steep, so people of all ages from young ones to elders can enjoy visiting this mountain.

As with most mountains, visiting on a nice clear day is the best for scenic viewing. From the top you can actually see across to Tokyo, and when its very clear you may even get to see Mount Fuji. When we went unfortunately it got a little cloudy, but the view was still spectacular. I know I want to visit again when I go back to that area.

Not from my usual youtube channel, but I did take some video while climbing:


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