Sake Brewery Visit in Shisui, Chiba

Fun and Very Informative Experience!!!

Have you ever visited Shisui (酒々井)town near Narita city in Chiba? The place is named after a popular story about a well (井戸)where sake (酒)seemed to have sprang up.
There is a long established (300 years old) sake brewery in the beautiful rice field countryside. Please visit the brew house and see the process of making sake. Early spring will be the best season to enjoy the freshly brewed sake.
Rice used for the sake brewing is different from the rice we eat. The washed rice must absorb water before it is steamed. Koji (yeast) sprinkled over the steamed rice starts the fermentation process under carefully controlled temperature and humidity. After the factory visit, enjoy the tasting of several different sake and have a lunch at the traditional Japanese house style cafe, which is relocated from Nigata region next to the factory. Their lunch and dessert dish uniquely contains "sake kasu" paste that forms during the sake filtering process.

The brew house is located near JR Minami Shisui Station (800m walk).
Iinuma Honke(飯沼本家)
***The information is available only in Japanese.

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