Horseback riding on the beach

first time rider welcome and two hours from Tokyo

Summer is around the corner and the temperature is rising day by day.
Time for us to plan our summer vacation. (maybe already done?)

Japan is a mountain country surrounded by sea...so we can reach both mountains and beaches easily. Either way is good to escape the summer heat.

This time I chose beach.
Only two hours local train ride from Tokyo, reach the rural area where rice fields are everywhere. Take a local bus for about half an hour and there's a western style ranch, called Sunshine Stables. Already smell the sea close by.

Cowboy hats and boots, western style house, quarter horses....it's hard to believe it's in Japan.
Even if you're the first time rider, after half an hour of basic riding lesson in the arena, you can go to the beach on the well-trained quarter horses for another half an hour.
If you are an experienced rider, you can also canter for the full hour.

Ride on the sea breeze

Short walk on horse and reach the beach...excited!
Also a bit of surprise because even if it's off-season of swimming, there are lots of people surfing, walking with dogs and children etc....but it's less crowded compared to its peak season.

When there's nothing to disturb on the sand beach (like children, dogs, bikes or surfers...) there's no limit on how far you can canter ............toward the horizon!

Sunshine, beach, sea breeze, ride on the wind.....it's a paradise.
Be sure to bring the sun screen cream, sun glasses and a bit of courage!

Calling the ranch in advance is highly recommended on the weekends or summer time.

Sunshine Stables is located at Kujukuri beach in Chiba.

I'd happy to give you some advise if you're interested in visiting there.

by Zara