How to become a Senpai in the Deep Japan Network?

Deep Japan is a site that brings visitors a bit further in to a more local and real Japanese experience.

We have 100 plus experienced "Senpais" who answer interesting and unusual questions about how to enjoy a visit to Japan in an even "Deeper" way.

Visit Deep Japan often to receive cool tips on "How To", "Recommend" and "Knowledge" from your Deep Japan Senpai community.

Become a Deep Japan SenpaiEasy and Free of Charge

Just a few basic requirements

  1. Twenty years or older.
  2. Able to submit Advice Articles in English.
  3. Currently Living in Japan.
  4. Happy to keep a positive spin on all your submissions and encourage viewers to explore and enjoy Japan. No complaining here!

Joining the DJ Senpai Network will

  1. Join fellow DJ Senpais from all over Japan and in various walks of life at an annual networking event.
  2. Win prizes for most viewed and highest ranked submissions.
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