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Go north! Nikko National Park Day 2 images

Go north! Nikko National Park Day 2

I woke up early to the sound of the rushing river below and the view of the snow covered mountain, had some Japanese tea while enjoying the scenery for awhile and then went down for breakfast. I arrived at a spacious big dining hall, and the staff escorted me to a private dining room where my frien…(1282 words)

DeepJapan Editor image

DeepJapan Editor

Experience Japan ~Discover authentic wonders in Oiso!~ images

Experience Japan ~Discover authentic wonders in Oiso!~

Monitor authentic Aobato (Green Pigeon)Aobato are beautiful birds and their exquisite yellow-green plumage is sure from impress you. After drinking seawater they fly back to the shore, often passing directly over the heads of the seawall. You can recognize the males because they have purple patch…(338 words)

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The Madding Crowds images

The Madding Crowds

Now that the sakura blossoms are nearing their end, at least in Tokyo, the next 'season' coming up in Japan is Golden Week. (If you still want to see sakura head north and it's possible to have another couple of weeks or more of sakura blossom viewing.)Golden week this year starts from Tuesday,…(253 words)

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Joe Peters