Ueno Zoo上野動物園[ Ueno dobutsuen ]

The Ueno Zoo (恩賜上野動物園, Onshi Ueno Dōbutsuen) is a 14.3-hectare (35-acre) zoo, managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and located in Taitō, Tokyo, Japan. It is Japan's oldest zoo, opening on March 20, 1882. It is a five-minute walk from the Park Exit of Ueno Station, with convenient access from Tokyo's public-transportation network. The Ueno Zoo Monorail, the first monorail in the country, connects the eastern and western parts of the grounds.

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Ueno Zoo, Fun Family-Friendly Zoo in Japan images

Ueno Zoo, Fun Family-Friendly Zoo in Japan

Tokyo's most famous, most historic, and most popular zoo is Ueno zoo. It is an enormous zoo in the central Tokyo area and is a popular attraction among families, friends, and couples. The greatest draw since about last year are the pandas. Ueno zoo is the only zoo in Tokyo with pandas and in Japan,…(170 words)

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Going wild in Tokyo images

Going wild in Tokyo

Ueno Zoo is by far the most well known zoo in Tokyo. It is especially well known for its most popular animal, the Giant Panda. But possibly the best zoo in Tokyo is the Tama Zoo, in the foothills west of Tokyo. The zoo is spread out over a huge area, so wear good shoes. One of the highlights is…(107 words)

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I recommend both ueno zoo and tama zoo.http://www.tokyo-zoo.net/english/index.htmlFor travelers you maybe like to see zoo and something(e.g. Japanese museum)Ueno zoo is very close to other spot like TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUMhttp://www.tobikan.jp/access/english.html yanesenht…(98 words)

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