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Senmo Trip "White Winter Fantasy" images

Senmo Trip "White Winter Fantasy"

“Winter is a season of recovery and rest,” wrote Paul Theroux, travel writer and novelist. But for Hokkaido, it is only just waking up. Once the snow has covered its vastness, the drift ice arrives, bringing along with it wildlife guests and natural marvels you will rarely glimpse elsewhere. As for…(747 words)

DeepJapan Editor image

DeepJapan Editor

Go north! Nikko National Park Day 1 images

Go north! Nikko National Park Day 1

One is to take the so called “Golden Route” south-west toward Hakone and Kyoto. But Japanese people often go north instead. Fit for couples, families and even a solitary getaway from the constant drone of societal pressures, it only takes about two hours on the new Tobu Revaty to get to the Nikko a…(928 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Experience Japan ~Discover authentic wonders in Oiso!~ images

Experience Japan ~Discover authentic wonders in Oiso!~

Monitor authentic Aobato (Green Pigeon)Aobato are beautiful birds and their exquisite yellow-green plumage is sure from impress you. After drinking seawater they fly back to the shore, often passing directly over the heads of the seawall. You can recognize the males because they have purple patch…(338 words)

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Nikko to Tokyo - Half the fun is getting there images

Nikko to Tokyo - Half the fun is getting there

I was traveling in Nikko and heading back to Tokyo to Asakusa for some sightseeing and an overnight stay. I decided to take the scenic route and hopped on the SL train out of Nikko Station. Outside the station is the train depot and since this is the terminal station, a cool turnaround for the trai…(725 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Saitama City is quickly accessible from Tokyo images

Saitama City is quickly accessible from Tokyo

Saitama City is quickly accessible from Tokyo, and a central hub of culture and history within Saitama Prefecture. We have five recommended spots to put you in touch with the diverse appeal of this area.・Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa -jinja ShrineWith a purported history of over 2000 years, this…(458 words)

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Be polite images

Be polite

The key is to be conscientious of others: don't eat on the train, don't talk on the phone, remove your back-pack, try to speak a bit quieter than normal, and don't cross your legs.(34 words)

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Main idea first images

Main idea first

Using English with non-native speakers has its own general rules to follow, but I have found some decent techniques when needing to be understood in English in Japan. Japanese is a subject-initial language like English, but in many cases, the object of English could very easily be the subject in Ja…(146 words)

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An honest thank you! images

An honest thank you!

In Japan, it may not be quite as common for strangers to help each other for no reason, but as a traveler, you will find that people in general are willing to help you with this or that, particularly if you express to them that you need help with something. Just asking someone for directions may le…(173 words)

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The imperial palace gardens; well worth trying! images

The imperial palace gardens; well worth trying!

If you look for ones in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, I'd recommend you should go visit Koukyo if you haven't tried it yet; the imperial palace gardens park in the right front of the Tokyo Station. In spite of its location, there are good amount of nature preserved, and lots of "space" available in …(185 words)

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Turning in lost items images

Turning in lost items

If you find a lost item in a train or train station, turn the item in to a station employee or at the lost-and-found / information counter.If you find an item worth any kind of value (monetary or otherwise) on the street, you should take the item to the nearest police station. The officer in c…(216 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

Business Hotels images

Business Hotels

Business hotels are much cheaper than regular hotels. They tend to be located near stations, convention centers, and facilties where meetings and events are held. The rooms tend to be much smaller and less "plush" than regular hotels. For example, there may be a refrigerator in the room for your…(133 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

Try McDonald's and Starubucks images

Try McDonald's and Starubucks

I've seen some McDonald's equipped with free AC outlets. The one in Yoyogi has a counter with ac outlets per seat. Also some Starbucks have free ACs. Newer Shinkansen (bullet train) also has AC outlets per seat so you can use your laptop all throughout your journey to Kyoto!(49 words)

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Lost without Translation images

Lost without Translation

Don't worry, in most places in Tokyo, you're not far from someplace easy to navigate. Try asking anyone you meet. Some people may say they can't speak English, but they should be able to direct you to the nearest train station, or "eki." If not, ask for the nearest "koban." The police boxes are…(96 words)

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Leave the dog images

Leave the dog

The most popular meeting place in Shibuya is, by far, at the Hachiko statue, the famous dog. But not only is the place crowded, but the odor of tobacco is extremely difficult to bear for a non-smoker. The best place near Hachiko is inside the green train car located in the plaza area. However, t…(71 words)

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Taking the bus in Tokyo images

Taking the bus in Tokyo

With so many buses and bus stations, how can anyone get around Tokyo by bus? Although you can get fairly near anywhere by trains, sometimes the bus is the best way to get around. Sometimes a bus takes a much more direct route between two spots. One clue is if you think two places are pretty clos…(142 words)

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Hakone about 1.5 hours from Shinjuku station images

Hakone about 1.5 hours from Shinjuku station

I recommend that you go to Hakone that has been known for hot springs since the beginning of the Edo period. You can also enjoy lots of kinds of Japanese traditional hotels and restaurants.How to get to Hakone?1.5 hours from shinjuku station by train (Odakyu line)Here is the link about Hako…(57 words)

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Go to Daiso for low-cost solutions! images

Go to Daiso for low-cost solutions!

The most common and popular 100yen store in Japan is Daiso. They are usually placed close to a train station or in malls and therefore are easily accessible. Although I go to Daiso for stationery goods such as notebooks, binders, folders and erasers, there is so much more available, from food to gl…(100 words)

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A store for things you may need on the train images

A store for things you may need on the train

The kiosk is usually a small stall in the middle of the train platform, which sells goods that you may need on a train ride. Common things are drinks, snacks (candy, cookies, gum, etc.), magazines and newspapers. They also sell other small commodities such as masks, tissues and band-aids.(49 words)

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"Okowa" is a must-eat! images

"Okowa" is a must-eat!

My favorite Bento place is “Tagosaku,” often found in the basement of big department stores or near the train stations. “Okowa” is Japanese mocha-gome (sticky rice) with various vegetables or beans. I love eating the “gomoku-okowa,” which is the sticky rice with a variety of vegetables and chicken …(91 words)

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Telepathy or just lost in translation? images

Telepathy or just lost in translation?

Any major city in Japan you'll notice how crowed it can get.People don't yell or fuss.When you want to get through the people in the train.You simply put your hand out in front of the person you want to get by and people will know you want to go through.Amazing!!(54 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

What can you tell me about the Yokosuka Line? images

What can you tell me about the Yokosuka Line?

The Yokosuka Line is one of the most widely used train networks for traveling directly south of Tokyo -- it stops at both Yokohama and Kamakura, which are two popular destinations for foreign tourists and Japanese alike. For people living in Tokyo, the Yokosuka line is also very convenient, for it …(61 words)

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Can't make the scene if you don't have the green. images

Can't make the scene if you don't have the green.

The green car is like business class for the bullet train.Personally any seat on the bullet train is fancy enough for me.If you like the feel of VIP I recommend the green car seats.To ride the green for free.If you can collect points if you have a JR credit card every time you buy a Shink…(77 words)

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Yuuki I

Ping Pong and beer images

Ping Pong and beer

Table tennis is quite often played at leisure while drinking, much like billiards and darts. EST Shibuya Takkyuu Club is located close to Shibuya station on the 9th floor of an entertainment center. Open until 4:30AM (Mon-Thu) and 5:30AM (Fri-Sun) it makes for a fun hide-out if you have missed the …(72 words)

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You can eat and drink in some trains! images

You can eat and drink in some trains!

Shinkansen is OK. Romance Car is OK.Basically, you can eat and drink sitting in box seats, but there are some exception ; Yurikamome is not suitable.Commuter trains are not suitable.When you find a vendor selling Obento by a cargo in train, definitely you can eat there. You need t…(55 words)

Moo Moo image

Moo Moo

Smoking is bad for your health, but if you must do it. images

Smoking is bad for your health, but if you must do it.

There are designated smoking areas near most train stations and over locations where people gather. These can be very congested and a bit dirty.But it is where you should smoke. Here is the link to the Japan Tabaco site and they have a series of posters to promote proper smoking mannersLink…(104 words)

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Check out governmental facilities! images

Check out governmental facilities!

There are cooking classes offered at governmental facilities in Tokyo and Yokohama. These governmental facilities are called "chiku center (地区センター) and hold events to train sports clubs to hold cooking lessons. Although the majority of these classes will be in Japanese, it is worth giving a t…(156 words)

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Travel Slowly images

Travel Slowly

Shindai Ressha are sleeper trains, which used to be common all over Japan. Now, because most people want to travel quickly and there are so many airports throughout Japan, there are only 6 such trains left. One of the most popular is the JR East train Cassiopeia.Cassiopeia runs from Ueno Stat…(108 words)

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Always check your sound images

Always check your sound

Personally, when I use headphones in a crowded train, I triple check that the sound is not audible outside the headphones. Noise leakage from people's headphones can be a real pain in the morning on a crowded train, and for some reason, people are just oblivious to their own noise (and no one will …(97 words)

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Leaving it alone may be best images

Leaving it alone may be best

Finding a lost item is an intersting situation. It all depends on where you "found" it. Seeing a phone, bag, laptop, or other valuable item placed ina train station with the owner clearly absent does not necessarily constitute a lost item in Japan. Although it may be difficult to leave alone, the …(131 words)

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Mt Takao images

Mt Takao

You may think Tokyo is just a huge city but you can also enjoy nature as well! It takes about an hour by train from Shinjuku station. You find lots of green and some temples on the way to the top of the mountain. Good hiking as a day trip. Best season is Autumn.(54 words)

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Donate it!!! images

Donate it!!!

In almost every convenience store there are boxes near the cash register for various causes and often you can see NPO groups at major train stations collecting donations for example seeing eye dogs so take that spare change and make a change with it. :-)(45 words)

Career Coach Brent image

Career Coach Brent

Surf's up; bring a notebook images

Surf's up; bring a notebook

If you're a surfer, make note of the best breaks you see while riding with a great view of the seaside. Record what stations you found them between and any landmarks you pass along the way.(36 words)

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Stay on the line images

Stay on the line

When in Tokyo, try and stay either on the same train line or at the very least stay on the same train company's lines (Tokyo Metro, Toei, JR, etc.). You will save yourself from the stress of changing trains at crowded stations, and more importantly will be saving money; routes that include transfer…(67 words)

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Hokutosei Sleeper Train from Ueno, Tokyo to Sapporo images

Hokutosei Sleeper Train from Ueno, Tokyo to Sapporo

I never get on the sleeper train but one of my dream is get a hokutosei sleeper train from Ueno to Sapporo.It seems lots of fun to get on and sleep over in the train. It is a kind of laxuary train.They have Royal private rooms , Deluxe twin rooms with restaurant car in the train.You can ex…(120 words)

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What can you tell me about the Yokosuka Line? images

What can you tell me about the Yokosuka Line?

If you are planning to go to Yokosuka city from Tokyo or Yokohama, it is not advisable to use the JR Yokosuka Line. Use the Keikyu (Keihin Kyuko line) as it will be cheaper and much faster (about 20 minutes faster).The Yokosuka station for Keikyu is called Yokosuka Chuo 横須賀中央. Be careful …(117 words)

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OKUTAMA Camping!!! images

OKUTAMA Camping!!!

OKUTAMA offers easy access by train from Tokyo city center and also it is a wonderful area of natural features.For more information about Camping in Japan,THE JAPAN CAMP ASSOCIATION will be helpful.Tel: (03) 3469-0217 They can probably advise on the best camping grounds for your family. …(70 words)

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Try discount ticket shops images

Try discount ticket shops

If there's a discount ticket shop, called kinken shop, in your neighborhood or near places you go to, try find movie tickets there because they're cheaper. A movie ticket for an adult is 1800 yen, but usually at kinken shop, it's around 1,300 to 1,500 yen. It's a good deal if you're not going to se…(87 words)

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Surfing in Chiba images

Surfing in Chiba

Getting out of Tokyo for a 1.5 hour train ride, one can find plenty of surfing spots along the Pacific coast in Chiba. For Tokyoites, Chiba offers relatively good waves and clean water--much cleaner than the beaches of nearby Shonan (Kanagawa).Although it's easier to travel out to the beach by…(132 words)

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Eating soba noodles- the original Japanese fast food. images

Eating soba noodles- the original Japanese fast food.

There are 3 basic noodle varieties available all year long in Japan: soba, udon or ramen. Also there's a fourth- somen noodles-- thin strands eaten cold with ice in the summer only.Soba are noodles made with buckwheat, slightly healthier than the enriched flour in the other noodles offerings.…(161 words)

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Suica anywhere everywhere - for transport and shop around cashlessly images

Suica anywhere everywhere - for transport and shop around cashlessly

Get a suica card from any train stations, charged it from the ticket machines. For train ride or to buy anything, in most places, suica is acceptable. Which means, you dont have to carry your cash around, or avoid those unnecessary heavy coins. Minimise time wasted in queue! lesser frustration?!(50 words)

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