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Just charge it and swipe it images

Just charge it and swipe it

You can purchase a suica card from most major train stations for a 500 yen deposit. You can then add credit to the card at most train stations. You can swipe it at train station turnstiles, vending machines and many convenience stores until it runs out of credit.(47 words)

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Try exploring the local area around you images

Try exploring the local area around you

Most people in Tokyo either intend on staying out all night, until the trains begin in the morning, or make it a point to get to the station early, even before the very last train to their respective destination. However, if you're one of the many who with every intention of returning home for the …(147 words)

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Step one: fight for the front seats images

Step one: fight for the front seats

The best seat you can get is at the very front, right behind the train driver. There, you can see the view of the lush trees and plants alongside the tracks of the Enoden train line as well as the tranquil seashore of the Shonan beaches! I rode on this train recently to go from Kamakura to Enoshima…(71 words)

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Enjoy Scenery in Japan Without Having to Walk images

Enjoy Scenery in Japan Without Having to Walk

The seishun 18 ticket is a very cheap way to travel long distance on trains in Japan. The ticket is sold in sets of five and one set costs 11,300yen. The amazing thing is that one ticket will allow you to travel on any JR local train in Japan as many times as you want with in 24 hours. This is amaz…(172 words)

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Tokyo area resorts images

Tokyo area resorts

There are a very wide variety of resorts around Tokyo. Of course, the accessibility varies greatly, when even getting across Tokyo itself by public transportation can take well over an hour.For the resort areas closest to Tokyo, most residents on the west side show a preference for Hakone, whi…(184 words)

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You should enjoy staying at a Tube Hotel called a Capsule Room Hotel!!! images

You should enjoy staying at a Tube Hotel called a Capsule Room Hotel!!!

It's amazing and you can feel another world to stay a Tube Hotel. It's Cool Japan. The price is around USD40 per night.(23 words)

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Check out JR Rail Pass images

Check out JR Rail Pass

If you purchase a JR rail pass before coming to Japan, you can ride all JR trains and most Shinkansen for no additional fee. One week costs around 28,000 yen and 2 weeks costs around 45,000 yen. Typically, a round trip out to Kyoto or Osaka will cover the cost of a week rail pass.(52 words)

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Ask the Driver images

Ask the Driver

I've lived in Japan for about 4 years, and I'm still very confused about the bus system, mostly because all of the stops listed between the starting and ending point are very small neighborhood areas with names that you really won't know unless you are a regular rider, or you live in the area.T…(149 words)

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Go to Kamakura in Japan images

Go to Kamakura in Japan

If you are interested in learning about the Kamakura period, there is nothing more you can do than to actually go to Kamakura. From Tokyo, Kamakura is less than an hour away towards Yokohama on the Yokosuka line. Just one train ride to the former capital of Japan. When you arrive, you will definite…(268 words)

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Odaiba images


I recommend a venture to Odaiba, a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. To Odaiba, you can take the underground trains (Rinkai line) connecting to the JR lines or the Yurikamome line.The Yurikamome (meaning seagull) is a monorail that gives you a fantastic tour around the bay, which is one of …(222 words)

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Fuchu, west Tokyo images

Fuchu, west Tokyo

The horse racing track in Tokyo is located west, in a slightly more suburban area called Fuchu city. It takes about 30 minutes from Shinjuku in downtown, and can be accessed on the Keio line.The cool thing about this stadium I have noticed is that it has its own small train line running from Fu…(130 words)

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Not only for Transport images

Not only for Transport

The Suica IC card is truly the ultimate IC card which makes transportation so much easier, obviating the need to buy a ticket. However, it does so much more. Suica can be used for shopping at most convenient stores, all kiosks at stations, and all vending machines at stations. The number of pla…(267 words)

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Fun for Kids & Families to enjoy all over Japan images

Fun for Kids & Families to enjoy all over Japan

Of course there are amusement parks, including Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan; fun playgrounds and adventure parks too. But I think even the day to day can offer fun experiences for kids. Kaiten-sushi (sushi train) shops are lots of fun, soba and udon noodle shops, buffet dining and …(292 words)

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Where to Find a Tasty Japanese Bento in Japan? images

Where to Find a Tasty Japanese Bento in Japan?

I had a wonderful taste of Miyagi, Hiroshima and Kyoto before I reached Fujisawa just 30 minutes later on the Tokkaido line from Tokyo station. I splurged on the green car for a very relaxed and private meal and let me tastebuds have a party. If you a planning a 30 plus minute ride on a train from …(79 words)


The city center and near train stations images

The city center and near train stations

The further you get from the city center or a train station, the cheaper the land is likely to be. People want to live near a station and enjoy the convenience of the city center so land prices will be high in these areas. This would be the case for any city but major cities would be more expensive…(65 words)

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Yamanote Area images

Yamanote Area

If you come to Tokyo to do some sightseeing, you will most definitely be riding the yamanote train line, which loops around downtown Tokyo, stopping at all the most key entry points.The "Yamanote" area historically has been considered very upper class Tokyo, while Asakusa, Ueno, and those areas…(124 words)

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Local Trucks and shops near stations images

Local Trucks and shops near stations

Keep your eyes peeled. especially for seasonal items- the little trucks that park around back alleys and side streets usually offer good deals. Also near most train stations you can find fruit and veggie stands- later in the day they often run specials of things that they need to move that are gett…(103 words)

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Watch out for green tea farms on Shinkansen images

Watch out for green tea farms on Shinkansen

You can enjoy drinking tea, as well as watching it grow! Shizuoka-prefecture is the top producing area for Japanese tea, and you can see tea farms from Shinkansen. One hour from Tokyo on the bullet train, you may easily locate those farms on both sides of the railroad. Even if you don't know wh…(113 words)

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Keep a seat for someone later! images

Keep a seat for someone later!

You will notice that when you enter a train, in most of the train cars there will be a reserved area for people who need the seat: these are called "priority seats". Of course, you can just leave it up to logic in regard to who actually needs the seat, but there will be some symbols on the window n…(196 words)

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Why not take this! images

Why not take this!

There are lots of access between Tokyo and Narita airport.By train, Narita Express (JR) Skyliner(Keisei) are popularly express way.(applox60min) NaritaExpress 2,940Yen(Narita ~Tokyo) Skyliner 2,400Yen(Narita ~Ueno),150Yen(Ueno~Tokyo) total 2,550YenIts a little bit expensive... Local train1…(167 words)

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Cable Cars - Nothing like San Francisco, though! images

Cable Cars - Nothing like San Francisco, though!

There are many so-called "cable cars" in Japan, but most are really ropeways. They are pre-attached to the cable and are drawn directly by pulling the cable. A cable car, on the other hand, is controlled by the driver. The cable, usually underground, is constantly moving. The driver chooses to …(243 words)

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Take a risk and emerge yourself in the fine Japanese Art of Ikebana images

Take a risk and emerge yourself in the fine Japanese Art of Ikebana

Okay, well, I have never studied Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement) but I love the style and I admire all the work of art I see all around (even in local train stations done by loyal and dedicated Ikebana artists each week). I believe Japan is confident enough in the art and the style it o…(152 words)


Tokyo and Shinagawa station, "All that shellfish" images

Tokyo and Shinagawa station, "All that shellfish"

"品川名物貝づくし" ("shinagawa meibutsu kai zukushi")Actually, I never had it, but I can tell it must be good.5 kinds of cooked shellfishes on rice and veges.Sold at Tokyo and Shinagawa Station, 930 yen.(32 words)

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Moo Moo

Check out One day ticket! images

Check out One day ticket!

Almost every train companies offer some sort of one day tickect. Train ride in Tokyo can cost a lot if you get on a lot of different lines to look around. I recommend to look for an information about one day ticket if you plan to spend a day by train. It can save you a lot of money.For example…(82 words)

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Graze the department stores images

Graze the department stores

In the B1 of most department stores there are amazing prepared foods, breads, snacks, bento boxes, great to eat in a hurry OR to take home for a high quality already cooked meat. The Isetan in Shinjuku has one of the best b1 food areas in Tokyo, Also LOVE the one in the new Daimaru building in …(77 words)

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Tokyu Store images

Tokyu Store

And yes that's Tokyu, not Tokyo. The Tokyu is a train corporation which extends itself to many different economic areas, such as grocery stores and real estate.The Tokyu store is a high quality grocery store, but not entirely limited to expensive items. It is a typical store with all the regula…(145 words)

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In Praise of Shadows images

In Praise of Shadows

Japan has raised lavatory facilities to a palatable topic. Hygiene is very important here, and of course, toilets should reflect your concern. Even if you are in the wildest place of Japan, in a rush, don't worry, you will always find a clean, hygienic, welcoming toilet. If you are in crowded area…(431 words)

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The Plum Blossoms are the tough guys... images

The Plum Blossoms are the tough guys...

People think of Japan and many think of Cherry Blossoms first. Actually Apricot and Plum Blossoms are the tough guys, they push past the snow, they stand firm in rainstorms and endure the rainstorms... Posting this photo was inspired by a kind Facebook Friend who had spotted the early plum blos…(317 words)

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Andrew Grimes

Japanese Vending Machines: Next Generation images

Japanese Vending Machines: Next Generation

Have you seen the new generation of vending machines in Japan? The new touchscreen ones are smart and connected. They watch people and target them by showing commercials, news, recommendations, and special offers.You can identify these new machines easily, they have a huge touchscreen and a cam…(156 words)

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I did it! I have found the proof of the existance of incivility in Japan! images

I did it! I have found the proof of the existance of incivility in Japan!

Have you ever wondered how they do it to keep their cities and public space so spic and span clean? I do. Every day I walk the streets of the city, and I am amazed by its welcoming cleanliness. - There is no paper, not gums littering the streets. No nothing. They even do not have rubbish bins! …(387 words)

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Enjoy Japan Travel Even More with the Cheap, Kanto Area Train Pass images

Enjoy Japan Travel Even More with the Cheap, Kanto Area Train Pass

The Japan Rail Pass, which allows tourists unlimited rides on all JR trains (including bullet trains across the country), is one of the great ways to see lots of different cities without breaking the bank.For non-Japanese residents, or tourists with more limited time or means, there is also the…(302 words)

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~ Picasso and Henry Moore ~ Inside and Out ~ Outside In ~ images

~ Picasso and Henry Moore ~ Inside and Out ~ Outside In ~

Turn left when you get off the train and with a little walking you'll see the Ticket Office. Different priced tickets for the members of your family, depending on how many days and years you have been wandering around this planet where sometimes you can get a sense of normality. You're not going to…(561 words)

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Andrew Grimes

Sunsets in Japan images

Sunsets in Japan

As Japan is an island nation, if one enjoys sunsets and I think pretty much everyone loves sunsets, then this island nation of Japan has coastlines galore. Take a break from the big city, take a train or drive to the coast, take some photographs with your family and friends. These particular phot…(74 words)

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Tissue Paper Advertising in Japan images

Tissue Paper Advertising in Japan

I am sure that you have seen the people around the train stations and other locations throughout many cities passing out small packs of tissue papers to nearby travelers.When offered, I usually take one from them for I feel bad since most people ignore them and will not take one. Especially dur…(258 words)

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Old Saidaiji Railway images

Old Saidaiji Railway

Saidaiji is well-known for its Hadaka Matsuri or Naked Festival but few people, even locals are aware that there was once a light rail line that ran to central Okayama City. Saidaiji Railway was in operation from 1911 to 1962 and provided transport along the 11.4 kilometers between what was then Sa…(364 words)

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Commuting during Rush Hour ! images

Commuting during Rush Hour !

Imagine you have to board your 7:45am train by hook or by crook (so you can arrive in office on schedule). Let's add to this imagination, images of japan train rush and getting shoved by polite train conductors without any apology. So how do you board train now, especially during mad rush on weekda…(303 words)

Samir Bodhe image

Samir Bodhe

Smart Cities, Expanded images

Smart Cities, Expanded

In our last installment, we discussed the upcoming Smart Cities Week 2014 (SCW 2014) which will be held in Yokohama, Japan this coming October 29-31 at the Pacifico Yokohama Hotel and Convention Center. While the event itself is looking to attract in the area of 50,000 attendees, the concept is ex…(1500 words)

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Business hotels - more than business images

Business hotels - more than business

As a frequent traveller, I need to minimize the fuss when booking business hotel.What I want is very simple; close to the train station or airport, clean room, free wifi, hot shower, decent AC, wide & comfortable bed, enough space to put my large size suitcases, little desk to get some work done,…(286 words)

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JR East - Japan Railway Company images

JR East - Japan Railway Company JR East train homepage is a great way to learn about train routes, fares and activities throughout what is known as Eastern Japan. This site: shows the routes that the different bullet trains take from the T…(201 words)

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A view to die for images

A view to die for

Nagasaki was chosen to be one of the NEW top three night views in the world (the other two being Hong Kong and Monaco)! The observatory can be accessed easily by bus, train or taxi, depending on where you are. On a clear day, you can see the whole city light up like a Christmas tree. The feelin…(98 words)

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