Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō, "Eastern Capital") (Japanese: [toːkʲoː] ( ), English /ˈtoʊki.oʊ/), officially Tokyo Metropolis (東京都, Tōkyō-to), is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family. Tokyo is in the Kantō region on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu and includes the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. Tokyo Metropolis was formed in 1943 from the merger of the former Tokyo Prefecture (東京府, Tōkyō-fu) and the city of Tokyo (東京市, Tōkyō-shi).

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Tokyo Ale : Made By Tokyo Brewing Company images

Tokyo Ale : Made By Tokyo Brewing Company

Tokyo original craft beer company. You can buy their beer selections at Tokyo Brewing Company in Takanawa, Minato-ku. Or you can taste their ranges at the venue in Roppongi called, "Super Deluxe" recommendation is "soba ale" :) Soothing and…(49 words)

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Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure images

Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure

* On September 2, 2013, a tornado caused extensive damage in a total 19km area from Saitama, Chiba and Ibaragi Prefecture just north of Tokyo. To be honest, I had no idea a tornado could be powerful enough to blow off a house….I cannot help but call for your attention after I went to the damaged re…(281 words)

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You may feel physically lost but in a sense it's not just you.Even the people that know their way around feel lost.Going into Tokyo to find something larger.After a while many Japanese people feel that they are getting farther from why they came to the big city.One of the biggest cities…(124 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

Northern Country Club Nishikigahara images

Northern Country Club Nishikigahara

Located only 45 minutes by car from Tokyo in Saitama, this course has it all for the avid golfer with 2 18-hole courses and a 7-hole short course. The links style course is said to mirror Augusta and famous Japanese tour pro Jumbo Ozaki used to use this course as his practice ground in preparation …(143 words)

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DEN Rokuen-Tei in Shibuya is so nice!! images

DEN Rokuen-Tei in Shibuya is so nice!!

I would like to recommend DEN Rokuen-Tei in Shibuya. They have a beautiful terrace as well as great foods. They offer a variety of dishes with chicken and seafood. words)

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A decent hotel substitute images

A decent hotel substitute

In Tokyo I have used internet cafes that don't even ask for identification. In Okayama many of them require you to have a members card which makes some sort of identification necessary. They charge by time intervals but it depends on the establishment. 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes or hourly rates are …(69 words)

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Seven Eleven (24 Hours) or Post Office (8am-8pm) images

Seven Eleven (24 Hours) or Post Office (8am-8pm)

Seven Eleven better if you need money in a pinch anytime of the day, otherwise the Post Office.(18 words)

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Are there any special events for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in Japan? images

Are there any special events for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in Japan?

Yes and No. Halloween, for commercial reasons, has become "popular" among Japnese people, but they don't really know what to do or even when it is! Even at supermarkets or 100-yen stores, you can find many kinds of Halloween ornaments, but unless you go to Roppongi or some place where many foreig…(233 words)

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Machida images


Urban amenities yet close to greener areas west of Tokyo Proper (23 wards); good access to Kanagawa also!(17 words)

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Guys images


Wear dark-colored suits from fall (October)(6 words)

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Stay a while in Tokyo images

Stay a while in Tokyo

If you want to be in the city for an extended stay the best option is to check out the serviced apartments. An online search for Tokyo Serviced Apartments turns up a myriad of options.If you're just staying a few days, but don't want to stay in a hotel, check out a vacation rental property. www…(117 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Falling leaves, not always falling temperatures images

Falling leaves, not always falling temperatures

Fall in Japan can still be quite warm. Of course, it all depends on where you are. If you are in Tokyo expect dayttime temperatures in the high 60s (F) or even higher in the early part of fall and even into late October. Nights usually drop to the lower 50s, sometimes a bit cooler.Bring along a…(162 words)

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Joe Peters

20 to 30% extra in the evening images

20 to 30% extra in the evening

Although this does not affect every taxi. Most taxis normally charge 20-30% extra in the evening after the 1st meter (710 for 1st 2 km), I think after 8pm for taxi journeys.(30 words)

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Change from 10,000 Yen not always possible images

Change from 10,000 Yen not always possible

Sometimes, taxi drivers will not be able to provide change from a 10,000 Yen note, so either make sure you have smaller notes (1,000 or 5,000 or the 2,000 Yen note to commemorate the Year 2,000), or most taxis will take credit cards with no problem. (Visa, Mastercard etc)(44 words)

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Go to the Koban (Police Box) images

Go to the Koban (Police Box)

The Police Box policemen will do their best to assist.(10 words)

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The Mandarin Oriental, the ShangriLa, the New York Grill (Shinjuku Hyatt) images

The Mandarin Oriental, the ShangriLa, the New York Grill (Shinjuku Hyatt)

To name a few.I suppose you could go up to them for free for a look. But it is better to go there for lunch or afternoon tea.The view from the toilets at the Mandarin are pretty spectacular by the way.(43 words)

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Japanese craft beers: Swan Lake, Aqula and Outsider images

Japanese craft beers: Swan Lake, Aqula and Outsider

Swan Lake, based in Niigata has a range of genuinely good beers, which have won awards. The brewery is well worth a visit and there is a bar called Bar Pub Edo, the Yaesu side of Tokyo station devoted to Swan Lake.Aqula from Akita; I have never had a bad beer from there.A particular favouri…(99 words)

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You really need an invite from the Stable. images

You really need an invite from the Stable.

Sumo stables are certainly an experience. One stable, which has now closed down, used to have chanko events around the time of the tournaments, where the wrestlers in the evening after fighting would serve chanko to the guests. In addition, it is permissible for men to view the training area. Women…(54 words)

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Travel Travails & Coupons images

Travel Travails & Coupons

Actually, travel coupons are few are far between in Tokyo. You can see coupons for hotel discounts if you are signed up for Groupon Japan, or Ponpare (like Groupon), but you'll have to be able to read Japanese or use the Google translate function on your browser to get a fair idea of what the coupo…(180 words)

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Joe Peters

Sumida River Cruse, and more! images

Sumida River Cruse, and more!

I highly recommend the very inexpensive and wonderful Tokyo "Sea Bus" river cruise. Many great cities in the world have rivers, and Tokyo has the Sumida River. How many bridges, and what can you see? words)

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Christmas 2013 in Tokyo images

Christmas 2013 in Tokyo

Highly recommend the Tokyo Union Church in Omotesando for Christmas Eve Candlelight service, and maybe on Christmas day too! I think this year they might also have a special "Blue Christmas" classical concert on Dec 18th, with Ave Maria and other special music. Welcome!http://www.tokyounion.o…(48 words)

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Can Coffee images

Can Coffee

Coffee, anywhere and everywhere, to get you through another day in Tokyo. It's very rare however to see someone walking around with a coffee cup with a lid, such as one you may get at a coffee shop. There is no shortage however of coffee in small aluminum cans that can be bought at basically an…(132 words)

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Kyoto images


You can do a day trip to Kyoto from Tokyo. Take the first Shinkansen at 6:00 from Tokyo or Shinagawa to Kyoto, and return with the last Shinkansen leaving Kyoto around 22:30. Here are tips what to do in Kyoto: words)

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Quick, filling meals in Tokyo images

Quick, filling meals in Tokyo

Onigiri from department stores, Soba/Udon from stand-up mini-restaurants, Curry (japanese style) shops are some of best alternatives for quick meal. For those looking for a quick meal while working simultaneously, coffee shops (Doutors, Starbucks, Excelsior, Tully) offer sandwiches and wraps.(41 words)

Samir Bodhe image

Samir Bodhe

Green tea mixed with incense images

Green tea mixed with incense

This is a smell that I will always associate with Kyoto, in particular the little alleyways around Kiyomizu-dera and Kodai-ji, where there are dozens of tiny shops selling trinkets and snacks. The slightly bitter smell of the steaming tea mixes perfectly with incense. It's a smell you can also find…(63 words)

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Keep to the left when standing on the escalators images

Keep to the left when standing on the escalators

You're expected to keep to the left when you are standing on the escalators. And to the right when you are climbing.I say this because I am not good at it when I am in Osaka, where people do the opposite: to the right when standing, to the left when climbing. I end up finding myself standing on…(70 words)

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Nishiazabu Roppngi Area images

Nishiazabu Roppngi Area

My favorite bar in Tokyo is Ohana in Nishiazabu. words)

Lui Nishiazabu image

Lui Nishiazabu

Kamakura images


Kamakura is one hour away from Tokyo, on the Yokosuka line.You can enjoy the mountain, the beach and walk to Enoshima. Temples, with the great Buddha statue is a must while quite touristic. It is impressive though. There are other beautiful temples, around Hase and Kita Kamakura. In automn, the…(84 words)

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La Boheme Italian restaurant images

La Boheme Italian restaurant

When people think of Japan, they usually don't think of Japan for Italian food. However, I have found that Tokyo has excellent Italian food at reasonable prices. La Boheme is one Italian restaurant chain that you can always count on for great food and excellent service. From pizza to pasta and b…(63 words)

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Tower Records, Shibuya images

Tower Records, Shibuya

I believe there are more outlets of Tower records other than the shibuya one. one has a nice collection in the top floors. Magazines and books including a decent collection of business books. But lately I have moved to ebooks and suggest the same via amazon kindle app o…(64 words)

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Shiba Koen - Zojoji images

Shiba Koen - Zojoji

Zojoji Temple in Shiba Koen has a countdown event we have been going to for close to 20 years. If you get there about 8 p.m. you can get a ticket for an environmentally friendly ballon. Thousands of balloons are released by well wishers to welcome in the New Year after the countdown. The back dr…(70 words)

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Maruzen in Marunouchi images

Maruzen in Marunouchi

Maruzen is one of the big bookstore chain with Kinokuniya.The one in Marunouchi is in Oazo building, 20 meters away from Tokyo station Marunouchi North exit. They have everything you would want: all kind of literature, and also a huge collection of art and science, including economics and b…(103 words)

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Wifi images


On the Tokyo Metro lines (Marunouchi, Hibiya, Fukutoshin, Hanzomon, Tozai, Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Nanboku), there is Metro Free Wifi.On the Toei Subways, it is not availableThe service is OK if you happen to be outside the train, as the Wifi access points are generally located at the station thems…(138 words)

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The Madding Crowds images

The Madding Crowds

Now that the sakura blossoms are nearing their end, at least in Tokyo, the next 'season' coming up in Japan is Golden Week. (If you still want to see sakura head north and it's possible to have another couple of weeks or more of sakura blossom viewing.)Golden week this year starts from Tuesday,…(253 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Golden Week images

Golden Week

Golden Week - that period of many holidays in Japan - is upon us! For some, the long holiday period started on April 29 (Tuesday) and will stretch through Sunday, May 11. A "hearty" few even took April 28th off, giving them 16 days of vacation time with only 7 days of actual vacation days used. Man…(489 words)

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Joe Peters

Have you heard of the National Defense Academy of Japan? images

Have you heard of the National Defense Academy of Japan?

It is located at Obaradai in Yokosuka and young men and women are studying and getting trained to be future Self-Defense Forces (SDF) officers. The school holds an anniversary festival every year and their 62nd anniversary will be celebrated on 8-9th of November this year. It's open to public.T…(142 words)

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Tokyo Sumo Stable Tours for a Memorable Japan Experience images

Tokyo Sumo Stable Tours for a Memorable Japan Experience

If you are interested in visiting a Sumo stable and watching the wrestlers train for the day, there a many many opportunities available to do so.Most stable now have their own websites and I am guessing that you the visit may have a particular wrestler that you are fond of a know the name of th…(132 words)

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Tokyo Trip to Yanaka Ginza & the Ueno station area. images

Tokyo Trip to Yanaka Ginza & the Ueno station area.

I live in the Yanaka area, which is a very traditional old town "shitamachi" very close to Ueno and best access is JR Nippori station or Metro Chiyoda line Sendagi station. Yanaka has close to 50 temples and shrines around, a nice traditional shopping street called Yanaka Ginza and one of the larg…(98 words)

Career Coach Brent image

Career Coach Brent

Narita images


Narita City also has one of Japan's largest and most visited temples called Narita-san. This is a short walk from either Keisei Narita station or JR Narita station. On your way to the station, you will walk along Omotesando street, a street that brings you back to old Japan. Many traditional ven…(83 words)

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Yakitori in Japan? Iseya in Kichijoji is Definitely one of the Most Popular images

Yakitori in Japan? Iseya in Kichijoji is Definitely one of the Most Popular

At the corner of Inogashira Park in Kichijoji, you will notice the old two storied old school house-ish venue : Iseya is one of most popular yakitori venues in Japan and on weekends, there is queue at the front( except rainy days, perhaps ). Inside the venues, no much of fancy or sofisticated impre…(74 words)

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