Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō, "Eastern Capital") (Japanese: [toːkʲoː] ( ), English /ˈtoʊki.oʊ/), officially Tokyo Metropolis (東京都, Tōkyō-to), is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family. Tokyo is in the Kantō region on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu and includes the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. Tokyo Metropolis was formed in 1943 from the merger of the former Tokyo Prefecture (東京府, Tōkyō-fu) and the city of Tokyo (東京市, Tōkyō-shi).

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Tama River Rafting images

Tama River Rafting

Flowing from high in the mountains of Yamanashi the Tama River makes its way to the ocean after traversing a nearly 140 kilometer long trail. The last several kilometers of the river is the dividing line between Tokyo and Kanagawa. The river is dammed along the way, forming Lake Okutama, a major so…(616 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Breakfast in Japan images

Breakfast in Japan

Japan just doesn't have the "eat breakfast out" culture the way that , say , the USA has with diners offering breakfast almost anytime, or cafes in Europe offering coffee, breads/cheese and pastries.A typical breakfast for the Japanese is fish with rice, pickles, natto (fermented beans) and mi…(170 words)

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Beautiful, Family-Friendly Beaches in Japan images

Beautiful, Family-Friendly Beaches in Japan

Being from Hawaii, I am pretty strict when it comes to beaches but I must admit that relaxing at a beach "Japanese Style" is pretty great. It has much less to do with the water actually. In Hawaii, I usually spend the entire day in the ocean catching waves and watching the shore from the water. In …(293 words)


Delicious pastries and bread at Donq images

Delicious pastries and bread at Donq

My favorite bakery in Tokyo is Donq, one that can be found commonly in department stores and stations. Although bread in Japan may get a bit pricy, it is worth the money because it is delicious and unique. As a person who doesn't like sweets, my favorite bread at Donq is their baguette and calzone.…(114 words)

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A fan of roller coasters? You MUST go to Fuji-Q! images

A fan of roller coasters? You MUST go to Fuji-Q!

Although I've only been there once, it was an excellent enough amusement park to say that Fuji-Q Highland is my favorite amusement park in the world. This is a great amusement park for people who like heights and fast roller coasters. Although it can take a long time to trvel to Fuji-Q and can clos…(160 words)

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Recline and Relax on the Green Car in Japan images

Recline and Relax on the Green Car in Japan

The Green Car facility is offered on selected JR lines including the Shinkansen and the Tokaido and Yokosuka lines in the Tokyo area. Although it requires an extra charge, it is not too expensive and is worth it if you do not want to deal with packed trains and want to relax during rush hours. I us…(228 words)

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Nozy Coffee in Sangenjaya images

Nozy Coffee in Sangenjaya

Sangenjaya is an area nestled just in between the more vibrant and busy area of Shibuya, and the western neighborhoods of Tokyo. It has many popular shops and restaurants, but still has a quiet and relaxed vibe overall.It is a great place for small and quaint bars, with a series of narrow windi…(132 words)

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Super Hero Action Show images

Super Hero Action Show

The "Super Sentai" series has been one of Japan's longest action TV programs for children. It started in the early 70s, with new characters featured every year.Since 1971, the Tokyo Dome City (previously Korakuen) has hosted a Hero Action Show, that features the latest Super Sentai Action hero…(133 words)

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A trip under bridges on Sumida River images

A trip under bridges on Sumida River

Sumida river, on eastern part of main Tokyo, is full of beautiful bridges. One can take a boat ride from traditional town of Asakusa to beautiful Hamarikyu gardens which goes under a series of beautiful bridges. Come of the so called water buses also have an open deck on the top which makes the exp…(100 words)

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Sanjeev Sinha

Fujino Art Walk images

Fujino Art Walk

Fujino station, which is a bit far west from Tokyo, is a very cool starting point to some walking courses lined with modern art from local artists. Fujino has actually been considered an "artist town" since the end of WWII, and although is somewhat struggling in the modern day, the public art remai…(126 words)

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Matsuya, Speedy and Filling images

Matsuya, Speedy and Filling

It's a bit difficult to define "fast food" in Japan in my opinion. Is fast food a meal that is prepared really fast? Or is it take out? or does it generally refer to junk food? I would say that fast food is cheap, tasty, not necessarily the healthiest, and can either be take out or dine in.Mats…(191 words)

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The Waka Poetry Garden - Rikugien images

The Waka Poetry Garden - Rikugien

Rikugien is a very nice garden for walking the park paths, up the gentle hills, and around the pond while taking in the sights and sounds of this park within the confines of a busy city. The garden was created based on the theme of Waka poetry. It's a typical example of the gardens of the Edo perio…(175 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Curry Rice in Japan : Extra Topping Matters. images

Curry Rice in Japan : Extra Topping Matters.

"Curry rice" (カレーライス) originates in India but it has been loved for decades in Japan as well. Traditional curry rice among Japanese consists of steamed rice with viscous curry sauce covering boiled beef, pork or chicken and can be enjoyed at curry restaurants, ramen restaurants, beef bowl res…(278 words)

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"Teishoku" is a nostalgic homemade meal for Japanese. images

"Teishoku" is a nostalgic homemade meal for Japanese.

Are you interested in the fare found in a normal, ordinary Japanese household? Why not give Teishoku(定食) a try? The word itself means "set meal", and if you've stayed at a Japanese style inn and enjoyed breakfast there, you must have tasted steamed rice, miso soup and several other delicacies…(305 words)

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Enospa Sojourn Part 2: “To Enoshima Island Spa: a breathe of scented airs” images

Enospa Sojourn Part 2: “To Enoshima Island Spa: a breathe of scented airs”

The whole of Enoshima Island Spa has been designed in a curvature minded sense. No straight lines or stiff rectangular changing rooms to re-activate traumatic schooldays memories. Quite the contrary, all the corridors and four floors of Enoshima Island Spa (nicknamed "Enospa") you follow a flowing …(472 words)

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Andrew Grimes

Yakitori; Grilled Chicken that Sake Lovers Can’t Drink Without. images

Yakitori; Grilled Chicken that Sake Lovers Can’t Drink Without.

Just like Londoners enjoying fish and chips with pints of beer at the pub, yakitori(焼き鳥, やきとり) or skewed chicken barbecue, is an essential delicacy for beer or sake here in Japan. You can easily find yakitori on izakaya menus everywhere in Tokyo, but I would like to recommend you visit a few…(256 words)

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Sushi, the fast food of Japan images

Sushi, the fast food of Japan

Sushi, is the traditional fast food in Japan. It is finger food in fact. Yes, you read me well: you do not need any chopsticks to eat sushi. Your fingers are all enough. So, to me, a 4 Michelin star sushi place, is quite similar to giving Michelin stars to a Mac Donald (yes, I am exaggerating, …(335 words)

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Local Secret: YaNeSen images

Local Secret: YaNeSen

You know you are in for something special when, on the way to Nippori station on the eternally jammed Yamanote line, you find yourself in an almost empty train watching the buildings get smaller and smaller.Affectionately known as YaNeSen (Yanaka-Sendagi-Nezu), this part of Tokyo was untouched …(307 words)

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Chindon'ya images


The Chindon'ya are a type of Japanese marching band that wear elaborate costumes and perform in a variety of festivals, shop openings, and other promotions or special events. Originating in Osaka during the late Edo period, most of the remaining Chindon'ya are based in Tokyo. Chindon'ya usual…(511 words)

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Kamakura Daibutsu and the Beach images

Kamakura Daibutsu and the Beach

For a great day trip on the weekend, visiting Kamakura is a great place to visit. The Daibutsu (Great Buddha) in Kamakura is one of the most famous and well known Buddha statues in all of Japan. In fact, you can actually go inside of the statue and see what it looks like from the inside. In the …(200 words)

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Visit Tokyo Toy Museum with your kids images

Visit Tokyo Toy Museum with your kids

Tokyo Toy Museum is a space full of wooden toys that are attractive for not only kids but also adults. There are traditional Japanese toys such as KOMA(spinning top), toys for playing house, board games, etc.If there is a rainy day during your visit to Tokyo, and if you don't know how to burn you…(118 words)

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Summer in Shinjuku Chuo Park images

Summer in Shinjuku Chuo Park

Want a place to entertain your kids in the midsummer in Tokyo for free?Well, look no further than Shinjuku Chuo Park The paddling pool じゃぶじゃぶ池 is fantastic. It is fairly big.It seems that the water of these paddling pools are drained on a daily basis, so in theory, the water should…(116 words)

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Road Trip Diaries #1: Umi Hotaru images

Road Trip Diaries #1: Umi Hotaru

In the middle of Tokyo Bay, there sits a handsome, white, 5-story structure remarkable as much for its awkward location as it is for its raw engineering. The artificial island stands there, surrounded by ocean, an unexpected accompaniment to the fishing boats and cargo ships which normally cruise …(776 words)

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Anime Come To Life images

Anime Come To Life

Japanese pop culture, particularly anime (short for “animation”) has become one of the country’s iconic exports in recent years and many people globally have become acquainted not only with internationally famous anime as Pokemon, but also more eclectic characters as well. An entire subgenre has s…(1100 words)

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Road Trip Diaries #2: Nakaizu Hills Winery (In vino, veritas) images

Road Trip Diaries #2: Nakaizu Hills Winery (In vino, veritas)

Many people think of France, Spain, Italy, California or, more recently, Australia and Chile, when thinking about wine, and Japan is often thought of as a place where you make Japanese sake or beer. But, did you know that Japan has a winery in the Nakaizu area of Shizuoka prefecture? Nakaizu Wi…(907 words)

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Toyota Mega Web / Theme Park images

Toyota Mega Web / Theme Park

For all of you car enthusiasts out there, and even if you are not one, the Toyota Mega Web and self proclaimed theme park must be put on your list of things to experience while in Tokyo. Located in the middle of the Odaiba’s waterfront attractions, this exhibition offers hours of free entertainmen…(400 words)

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Eating in Japan is never a problem! Picnics are the bests images

Eating in Japan is never a problem! Picnics are the bests

When travelling, you have no choice but to eat either in restaurants (nice but it gets on your appetite, and stomach and say good bye to your weight control), or get some room service (a bit sad), or grab some junk food from fast food restaurant and conbini (the 7/11 and other Lawson that have col…(738 words)

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Journey on the Tokaido Goju San Tsugi (53-station Highway) images

Journey on the Tokaido Goju San Tsugi (53-station Highway)

Recently, I took a casual walk to a very famous Tokyo locale known as “Nihonbashi”. It is to the North of JR Tokyo station. It was a nice 10-plus minute walk from the station and as I walked carefully with a sharp eye on my surroundings, I noticed the concentration of major businesses concentrated …(433 words)

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On Top of the World at Tokyo Skytree images

On Top of the World at Tokyo Skytree

There's really not a lot I can say about the Tokyo Skytree that hasn't already been said or written about. But as a long-term resident of Japan, I will admit that I was completely blown away by seeing this technical marvel first hand.Zipping up hundreds of meters in seconds is an incredible fee…(256 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

A Must Do Japanese Craft Beer Tour images

A Must Do Japanese Craft Beer Tour

It's been a little over a year since Baird Beer realized their dream of opening (another) brewery in the quiet hills of Shuzenji, Izu, and some 15 years since opening their first taproom in Numazu, Shizuoka - making beer history in Japan as the country's first operating technically non-Japanese cra…(380 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Japan has an annual Ninja Festa (Kids welcome!) images

Japan has an annual Ninja Festa (Kids welcome!)

Iga-Ueno City's Ninja Festival celebrates Japan's famed warriors and its place in their history. Few iconic figures are more closely identified with Japan than the ninja; a combination of elite warrior and intelligence agent whose basic mission continues in various forms to this day. "The art o…(549 words)

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Dances with Demons images

Dances with Demons

One doesn't have to look far to see how pervasive dance is in Japan. Nearly every pop group has an intricate dance routine to accompany their performances. There are studios which teach everything from belly dance to hula to salsa, and festivals, particularly in summer, feature popular folk dances …(525 words)

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Cycling the scenic Seto Inland Sea images

Cycling the scenic Seto Inland Sea

If you're looking for a holiday in Japan which involves stunning scenery, great food and some moderate exercise then the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Cycling route is for you. The cycling route runs for about 70 kilometres across 6 islands and bridges of the Seto Inland Sea, linking Imabari City in Ehi…(605 words)

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Odawara, a castle town images

Odawara, a castle town

Odawara Castle is probably the best example of a castle to visit in the immediate Tokyo area. The museum in the main keep has a nice collection of artifacts, armor, and weapons. They have also done a great job reconstructing some gates and maintaining the castle groundsThe history of Odawara Castle…(340 words)

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The legacy of the Samurai is alive and well in Fukushima images

The legacy of the Samurai is alive and well in Fukushima

One of the most renowned samurai regions, Fukushima has captivating history and culture to share with visitors. With full days of castles, training grounds, arts, lodging, food and drinks, the fun and educational trip to Shirakawa, Aizu, and Nihonmatsu gave us all a clear picture of what it meant…(1012 words)

DeepJapan Editor image

DeepJapan Editor

Washi: Japanese traditional paper in Yamanashi images

Washi: Japanese traditional paper in Yamanashi

Yamanashi prefecture is a beautiful area boasting three of the highest mountains of Japan. The most famous is, of course, Mt. Fuji. Yamanashi can be easily accessed from Tokyo, the largest city in Japan. From Tokyo, it takes only 2 hours to Yamanashi. The Kofu valley is at the center of the prefe…(1474 words)

DeepJapan Editor image

DeepJapan Editor

"Okowa" is a must-eat! images

"Okowa" is a must-eat!

My favorite Bento place is “Tagosaku,” often found in the basement of big department stores or near the train stations. “Okowa” is Japanese mocha-gome (sticky rice) with various vegetables or beans. I love eating the “gomoku-okowa,” which is the sticky rice with a variety of vegetables and chicken …(91 words)

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Tullys or Starbucks images

Tullys or Starbucks

Some Tullys or Starbucks coffee shops provide AC power. They do have WiFi also but normally you have to subsribe to Japanese telecom subscribers to use.(26 words)

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Hakone Skyline drive images

Hakone Skyline drive

The most thrilling drive near Tokyo is the Hakone Skyline. Not only is the road designed so that cars slide on the mountainous curves, but it also boasts great views of Mt. Fuji. But don't drive too fast, especially when it is foggy and/or the road is wet. It may be the last drive you ever make!(58 words)

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Water ski images

Water ski

It might be difficult to enjoy water sports in Tokyo because there aren't many beaches around. But you can always go to Zushi and Kamakura area where the water is relatively clean and one has a better chance at participating in marine sports.(43 words)

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