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Shaved Ice, Iced Coffee, and Beer in Japan images

Shaved Ice, Iced Coffee, and Beer in Japan

Shaved Ice is a popular snack, usually only available in the winter. It is popular especially as a snack on the pool side or at the beach. You can choose from a range of syrups including melon, strawberry, and blue hawaii. My personal favorite is melon. Some Shaved ice even has ice cream on it. A v…(232 words)

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Hamarikyu Garden, Beautiful and Ancient Garden in Japan images

Hamarikyu Garden, Beautiful and Ancient Garden in Japan

My favourite park in Tokyo is Hamarikyu Garden, right by Shiodome station. I was actually just there the other day and the scenery of the tranquil lakes with Japanese style bridges and gazebos was breathtaking. Entrance is only about 250 yen for and adult and the garden is perfect for a 3-4 hours o…(145 words)

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How is the proposal? images

How is the proposal?

Japanese people love tea! There are a lot of different kinds such as Sen-cha, Ma-cha and Mugi-cha. We cannot truly enjoy our meal and tea time without them. You can enjoy taste of each tea itself, but I would suggest it’s also enjoyable to study which tea go together with what kind of foods. As I …(81 words)

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From Luxurious Shops to Majestic Gardens: Tokyo Midtown images

From Luxurious Shops to Majestic Gardens: Tokyo Midtown

There is almost too much to see at Tokyo Midtown to write it all down here. One of the best things about the area are the floor guides who wear beautiful uniforms that change with the season and can help you in several different languages. There are many different shops that feature excellent Japan…(182 words)


Make sure in Japan to drink tea at a restaurant images

Make sure in Japan to drink tea at a restaurant

Today, we stopped in at a beautiful little Sushi Shop in Ginza in Tokyo. The warm tea that came out right at the beginning prepared our palate perfectly for the lovely fish to come after. It was a truly perfect experience. We would recommend that when you come to eat sushi you make sure to prepare …(76 words)


Think green tea images

Think green tea

In Japan, people eat and drink things daily that promote longevity and anti-aging as a matter of fact. For example, green tea not only tastes great hot or cold but has a ton of anti-oxidants.Soy bean products are also known to keep you young and healthy. Soy milk, tofu and natto (fermented soy …(65 words)

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Tokuyama Shoes images

Tokuyama Shoes

Tokuyama Shoes has its home in Kawanehoncho, tucked away in the northwestern side of Shizuoka Prefecture, inland from Shizuoka City and away from the more famous parts of the prefecture, which is home to half of the sacred Mt. Fuji and also the Izu Peninsula, with its world-class onsen and sightsee…(444 words)

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Real Coffee images

Real Coffee

There are plenty of places to get a cup of coffee in Japan. Every convenience store, a Starbucks or Tullys on every corner it seems, and numerous tea and coffee shops and restaurants.But, when you're ready for a really good cup it's hard to beat the little shops owned by someone who has an obvi…(273 words)

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Joe Peters

Travel back in time to Edo images

Travel back in time to Edo

Chiba Prefecture's Boso no Mura http://www.chiba-muse.or.jp/MURA/index.htmlThis attraction recreates life as it was, along with the scenery, from 150 years ago. You can walk around freely and experience what it is like to live in old Japan, during the Edo period. The homes have kitchens with woo…(114 words)

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How to Beat Japanese Summer Heat When Traveling in Japan? images

How to Beat Japanese Summer Heat When Traveling in Japan?

You know those times on the train platform where the crowds make you cringe? You are not cringing at the people per se, just the clammy ugginess of the possibility of contact with clammy, sweaty summer skin. Yes, we all share your feelings. Not even an elbow bump here or a happenstance brush up…(549 words)


Shopping in Kyushu images

Shopping in Kyushu

Yufuin (湯布院) is one of the main tourist attractions of Kyushu. It is in Oita prefecture, which is famous for its hot springs. If you are looking for traditional Japanese goods, cute souvenirs or delicious food, this is the place to go!Yufuin is a small area (similar to Komachi-dori in Kamaku…(116 words)

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Wired-In Dining images

Wired-In Dining

One of the most novel, convenient, and custom dining experiences I have come across in all of my travels can be found popping up in restaurants in and around Tokyo. These hybrid systems of food ordering and delivery are truly an entertaining spectacle while you eat. Technology and food combine to o…(412 words)

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INTERVIEW 1: Finding... Work in Japan images

INTERVIEW 1: Finding... Work in Japan

I'd like to start my interviews of people from outside of Japan whom have found work in Japan, with Michael Meyer, from Berlin, Germany.JB: Welcome Michael and thanks for agreeing to share your story.Michael we were in contact while you were in your native Germany, before you came to Japan, a…(2101 words)

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INTERVIEW 2: How did you get to Japan? images

INTERVIEW 2: How did you get to Japan?

For those of you who are considering coming to Japan and are looking for ideas or inspiration from the path others have taken to find work and live here, read on for a short interview with a good friend of mine; Russell, from Australia.JB: We've know each other a long long time Russell, from we…(1240 words)

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Unleash Your Inner Artist at Artbar Tokyo images

Unleash Your Inner Artist at Artbar Tokyo

Trying something creative is a great way to help you unwind. Artbar Tokyo in Daikanyama offers classes all week long that give artists of all experience levels the chance to create an original painting while sipping on delicious wine in a relaxed and welcoming environment. This isn't your typical a…(257 words)

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More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern images

More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern

If you come to Tokyo, do you want to enter the tavern, “I-ZAKA-YA”?Only beer and sake.Table is also small.There is what you need to go to the I-ZAKA-YA of Japan.It is the word "TORI-AEZU- BI-I-RU!" and "O-KAI-K!".If you do not use these two words,You also not be eat cuisine foreve…(143 words)

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Let a boiling water cool - for a tasty cup of tea images

Let a boiling water cool - for a tasty cup of tea

In order to pour a tasty cup of tea, you should let a boiling water cool. If you pour boiling water into a teapot directly, the temperature will be too high. Pour boiling water into a teacup first. Especially for high quality sencha and gyokuro, it is important to use a low temperature water (40-50…(106 words)

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Sakura images


With the spring comes sakura, the cherry blossoms, and with the sakura comes seasonal sakura-flavoured food and drinks: ice cream, chocolate, beer, tea, salt, frappuccino, you name it. Give them a try!(32 words)

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Love heights? SKY TREE AND TOKYO TOWER! images


One of my favorite dates was going to Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower. These are easily accessible places with beautiful views. I recommend you to go to Sky Tree during the day (much better if you go up on a clear day) and enjoy the day view of the surrounding area from a bird's eye point of view. At nigh…(137 words)

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Japanese tea images

Japanese tea

My mom always served Japanese tea after dinner at my home. It made us feel refresh and gave us pleasant time with family.The scent of green tea is also refresh our minds.(33 words)

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Kind of Japanese tea images

Kind of Japanese tea

There are many kinds of Japanese tea.Greentea(緑茶), Roasted green tea(ほうじ茶),Tea with whole rice(玄米茶) , Barley tea (麦茶)・・These can be cooled and drunk in the Summer.There is a specialty store of Japanese tea. But,My recommendation is DONKI HOUTE. It is because i…(97 words)

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Mugicha images


It will change your life. Light nutty, grain-y flavor, and completely caffeine free. Great thirst quencher and you can even find it at restaurants in the summer. Look for bottles at the convenience store labeled 麦茶, むぎちゃ, or むぎ茶.(36 words)

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Japanese Tea images

Japanese Tea

There are many brands in Japan that produces Japanese tea. I'm sure many of you do not think that Japanese tea does not taste good or even think that it's too bitter. That is totally true. However, if you eat it with Japanese food, it tastes incredibly good. it'll be beyond your imagination. …(61 words)

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Go to Hotel New Otani for a quick session images

Go to Hotel New Otani for a quick session

Seisei-an Tea room in Hotel New Otani offers a quick an casual tea ceremony experience program. It is nothing too strict or stiff. The tea master is very frank and talkative. Since it is organized per request, usually very small group, maybe just for yourselves. It costs only 1000 yen plus tax and …(69 words)

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The Mandarin Oriental, the ShangriLa, the New York Grill (Shinjuku Hyatt) images

The Mandarin Oriental, the ShangriLa, the New York Grill (Shinjuku Hyatt)

To name a few.I suppose you could go up to them for free for a look. But it is better to go there for lunch or afternoon tea.The view from the toilets at the Mandarin are pretty spectacular by the way.(43 words)

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Get your caffeine fix in Japan images

Get your caffeine fix in Japan

Get your caffeine fix in JapanCoffee - the sort that is ready to drink - is available all over Japan. If you're a Starbucks fan you'll find shops in most major cities and even a few drive-throughs along the roads.Then there's Tully's and even a branch or so of Seattle's Best. Doutor is a lo…(232 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Green tea mixed with incense images

Green tea mixed with incense

This is a smell that I will always associate with Kyoto, in particular the little alleyways around Kiyomizu-dera and Kodai-ji, where there are dozens of tiny shops selling trinkets and snacks. The slightly bitter smell of the steaming tea mixes perfectly with incense. It's a smell you can also find…(63 words)

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Kamakura images


Kamakura is one hour away from Tokyo, on the Yokosuka line.You can enjoy the mountain, the beach and walk to Enoshima. Temples, with the great Buddha statue is a must while quite touristic. It is impressive though. There are other beautiful temples, around Hase and Kita Kamakura. In automn, the…(84 words)

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For a fancy and healthy teishoku images

For a fancy and healthy teishoku

Recently, I ate at a cute, fancy restaurant near Shibuya and Omotesando station and the UN University, called PARIYA. As this is catered towards women as well as business-people, they offer take-out as well as a sitting-area with a fancy, relaxing atmosphere. When you go in, you can choose amon…(156 words)

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