Tama Zoological Park多摩動物公園[ Tama dobutsuen ]

The Tama Zoological Park (多摩動物公園, Tama Dōbutsukōen) is a zoo, owned by the government of Tokyo, and located in Hino, Tokyo, Japan. Tama Zoo was opened on May 5th, 1958, originally as part of Ueno Zoo. The zoo aims to use its large site (52 ha, compared to the 14.3 ha of Ueno Zoo) to show its animals moving in a more free and natural environment. Some of the other animals at Tama Zoo: Tama-Dōbutsukōen Station on the Keiō Dōbutsuen Line and the Tama Toshi Monorail Line is in front of the park's gate.

from Tama_Zoological_Park (Wikipedia) CC BY SA 3.0